Neuroliminal therapy improves Autism and depression problem | Adhd-autism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Neuroliminal therapy improves Autism and depression problem | Adhd-autism


Treatment and therapy for add, adhd, autism, depression, insomnia, ptsd and other mental instabilities using audio CD played during sleep. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Neuroliminal therapy improves Autism and depression problem | Adhd-autism


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About Dr.Bate
  • Dr. Bate theorized that perhaps the raising of
    the 12-14 Hz (SMR) brain wave somehow changed the
    effect of allergens on the brain. Dr. Bate and
    his professional associate had studied
    allergy/sensitivity extensively, and were aware
    that all the so-called "brain problems" can (and
    often are) be caused by unknown allergens.
  • For more details about Dr. Bate, please visit

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What we aim for
  • ADHD, Autism and many other sickness of the mind
    challenges your concentration can now be cured
    or at the very least make you focus on the thing
    you are doing, that too by only listening to our

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What is ADHD
  • ADHD is a mental disorder of neurodevelopment
    type. It is characterized by problems in paying
    attention excessive activity or difficulty
    controlling behavior inappropriate to ones age.

Why is it a Disease or Disorder as a mental
disorder as it is responsible for impairment in
social, academic and occupational functioning.
Even though, they have good attention span for
the things they are interested in.
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Dr.Bate Neuroliminal Training Therapies Solves
Stress CD With Simple Home Therapies
  • Dr. Phil Bate A member of Klotz and Moeller
    Allergy Clinic assisting in introducing
    End-point-titration Allergy System in Florida.

By using the concept of Biofeedback, to
treat mental disorders, Dr. Bate came up with his
own concept of Neuroliminal Training Therapies
to better control your mind, after
numerous experiments and stitching subliminal
messaging by brainwaves in the mix.
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Solving Mental Problems
  • In 2010, I developed and tested with volunteers,
    a "Special" NT CD. The earlier NT CD's proved the
    facts as shown in numerous testimonials and
    studies and the newer "Special" NT is now proving
    even more effective in helping to solve many and
    different health problems for many and different
  • Depression and Schizophrenia plus toxic minerals
  • Insomnia and Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Arthritis

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Solving Austim
  • Ritalin and the Big Pharmacy drugs just don't
    work. Actually, most such drugs are basically a
    legal form of the street drug SPEED". They
    drug, but don't cure the problems Neurofeedback
    (AKA EEG Biofeedback) can work.

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Solving ADD/ADHD
  • There are now four types of effective recognized
    professional treatment for ADD,ADHD and Autism
    used today by different clinicians
  • Drug treatments
  • Allergy treatments
  • Biofeedback
  • Neuroliminal Training (NT)

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Personal Age Reversing
Since I tested the CD's on myself along with the
volunteers, here is my story as I went along.
Dr. Bate in 2000
Dr Bate in 2014
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Personal Age Reversing
When it was found in 2010 that the basic SMR
brainwave raising used in Neurofeedback also
solved allergy stress, that fact was combined
with a "standard" selfhypnosis relaxation
technique for weight loss, and the Special NT
CD was designed.
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