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Bitcoins Market Size & Analysis – Forecasts To 2025


Bitcoins Market - Global Bitcoins Industry Size, Share, Analysis, Global Market Estimates, Forecasts and Research Report – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bitcoins Market Size & Analysis – Forecasts To 2025

CONSULTANTS Ankita Roy, Treesha Banerjee and
Liza Dsouza from Global Market Estimates throw
the spotlight on the growing Bitcoins Market
for bitcoins is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX
over the forecast period and is projected to
reach USD XX by 2025. Bitcoins are an
internationally recognized cryptocurrency that
enables digital payments. This currency was
introduced in January 2008. Bitcoins are earned
as a reward for a mining. Mining is a process
whereby the users make use of their computer
power to record payments in the public ledger
and verify them. It can be exchanged anonymously
to purchase any products. One of the major
advantages of bitcoins is that it is not tied up
to any country which makes international
payments cheap and easy. Bitcoin transactions are
very secure and do not contain any personal
information because the address of the payer and
payee are generated as per the
transaction. Bitcoin money can only be tracked
when it is converted into cash. Bitcoins can be
used as on the dark web which can result in
increased cybercrime. Dark web is a place where
weapons, assassins, and other illegal items or
services can be purchased. In July 2017, Bitcoin
was valued at USD 2,772 whereas in November 2017
the value increased to USD 7330. Some
researchers state that if Bitcoins are traded on
a large scale it can lead to the politicization
of money. The resources that were trusted to be
handled by the government could be available to
the general public.
CONSULTANTS Many investors in America have
invested in Bitcoins due to the weak and volatile
dollar. Favorable regulations are also expected
to increase the demand for Bitcoins over the
forecast period. Japan announced a
cryptocurrency legal tender in the last year. In
September 2017, Japan's Financial Services
Agency (FSA) registered 11 companies as
cryptocurrency exchange operators. Marijuana
retailers have been using bitcoin as an
intermediate currency between banks for purchase
of marijuana products. Some of the websites
that accept bitcoins include Microsoft, Intuit,
PayPal, WordPress, OKCupid, Atomic Mall,
TigerDirect, DISH Network, and
among others. One of the largest bitcoin trading
exchanges in terms of volume is Baidu. In May
2014, DISH Network, a satellite television
operator, announced that it would accept bitcoin
as payment for content services. Coinbase was
hired as a bitcoin payment processor. Chinese
bitcoin traders and miners are expected to
generate more profits as compared to American
miners. Many small provinces in China are
oversupplied with electricity which is in turn
subsidized therefore thereby giving Chinese
miners a higher profit margin. One of the major
drivers of the Bitcoins market is the
development of sustainable energy
solutions. Some of the factors that are
anticipated to hamper market growth is the
unawareness of bitcoin- based transactions in
developing markets and the reluctance of
companies involved in the e- commerce business
to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.
China is expected to arise as one the leading
traders of bitcoins occupying more than 90 of
the traded volume. However, with increasing
awareness across the world, countries such as the
U.S. and Japan are projected to record high
market growth. The market research report is
designed to provide a complete view of the global
bitcoins market. The market research study
quantitatively evaluates the bitcoins market over
the forecast period (2017-2025). The demand and
supply matrix section falls under the qualitative
information category wherein the market dynamics
for bitcoins has been studied considering a
short-term forecast of the factors/ variables
which have an impact on the bitcoins market.
CONSULTANTS The report concludes by providing
the major market participants in the industry.
Qualitative information regarding the bitcoin
market scenario in various countries is also
provided in the report. This study analyzes the
future scenario of bitcoins and discusses its
evolution in the digital currency
Bitcoins market has been studied from the year
2016 till 2025. However, the CAGR provided in
the report is from the year 2017 to 2025. The
research methodology involved three stages Desk
research, Primary research, and Analysis Output
from the entire research process.
CONSULTANTS The desk research involved a robust
background study which meant referring to paid
and unpaid databases to understand the market
dynamics and learning the demand and supply side
analysis for the Bitcoins market.
The primary research activity included telephonic
conversations with more than 50 tier 1 industry
consultants, VPs, CEOs, COOs, financial
consultants, business consultants, strategy
consultants, project management consultants, and
business management consultants.
Finally, based on the above thorough research
process, an in-depth analysis was carried out
considering the following aspects market
attractiveness, current future market trends,
and customer analytics. This article contains
text from the Bitcoins Market Size Analysis
Forecasts To 2025 report prepared by Global
Market Estimates. For more information or to buy
the report, please visit https//www.globalmarke Check
our annual research partnership service at
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