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Skills You Need to Have as an iOS Developer (1)


Demand for iOS developer is growing since people do many tasks with the use of their handsets. To work as an iOS developer, you need to have these skills. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Skills You Need to Have as an iOS Developer (1)

Skills You Need to Have as an iOS Developer
  • Developing applications for Apple products
    means creating apps for devices that work on iOS
    a platform. With the increasing dependence on
    mobile apps for every small task, the demand for
    skilled individuals who can develop user-friendly
    applications is on the rise. Statistics suggest
    that the demand for mobile app developers is
    going to witness an upsurge in upcoming years,
    and the industry is already searching for
    professionals who are capable of delivering the
    best outcome within a short time. This means that
    you will get incredible opportunities if you have
    these skills to work as an Apple Developer.

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  • This is a specific programming language that
    has been created by Apple for developing
    applications for their products. It is the basic
    requirement even if you want to get hired for the
    position of a junior developer. This language
    will make you familiar with syntax, control flow
    statements, how to write classes, and to get an
    idea about inheritance and initialization. You
    must become a pro at rectifying errors and
    achieving interoperability with Objective C.

  • Developers strictly follow the predefined
    guidelines and are known to be instinctive by
    nature. Hence, if you want to become a competent
    professional, then it is necessary that you
    acquaint yourself with design patterns and
    concepts like how data storage takes place, and
    how stored data is displayed to users. This
    involves being comfortable using MVC
    architecture, delegate patterns and how
    notifications work.

  • Every application that you use on your
    handset interacts with web in some way. Hence, in
    today's world, there is hardly any app available
    that does not use web, and this could be as
    simple as updating the version. It becomes
    crucial for developers to know how to send and
    receive data over a network. It can be done by
    getting accustomed to JSON (JavaScript Object
    Notation) language, which is a standard language
    for transmitting serial data over the network.

  • If you are planning to become a skilled iOS
    developer, you ought to know about Grand Central
    Dispatch, popularly known as GCD. It is a feature
    that has been introduced by Apple for versions
    iOS 4.0, OS x 10.6 and later. It allows
    developers to dispatch multiple threads
    simultaneously. As the applications are known
    for doing multiple tasks, GCD gives you how to
    run concurrent tasks without any glitch and
    ensures that the application is working as per
    its functionality. It reduces the strain on the
    operating system of your phone.

  • Imagine you are playing a game on your
    device, and the application crashes all of a
    sudden. It would be such a huge disappointment
    when you were so close to clearing the level with
    a good score, but couldn't complete it. For the
    prevention of the same, Apple has come out with a
    persistence framework called Core data that deals
    with storage in your application. This framework
    can be used to control different object layers.

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  • This article emphasis on skills an individual
    must posses to become an Apple developer. You can
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