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Natural Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements To Improve Sperm Count


This powerpoint presentation describes about natural semen volume enhancer supplements to improve sperm count. You can find more detail about Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements To Improve Sperm Count

Natural Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
To Improve Sperm Count
Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
  • Worldwide 15 percent of men are infertile and at
    least half of the cases of infertility are due to
    men. 90 percent of the male infertility is due to
    low sperm count and poor sperm quality. More than
    30 percent of infertile men suffer from inability
    to produce sperm in the testes and the problem in
    sperm transportation can be found in at least 20
    percent of men.
Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
  • The problem of poor production of sperm and semen
    in body can prevent the semen from entering
    female organs and this low level of endocrine
    outflow can reduce fertility. Sperm production
    and transportation issues are some major causes
    for infertility in men.
Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
  • The flow of endocrines happens from the part of
    brain, in the glands and the hypothalamus where
    the messenger chemicals in the pituitary act on
    the testes, which makes sperm and testosterone.
    One-fourth of infertility is caused by sperm
    defects and in other cases it can be one of the
    contributing causes.
Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
  • The defects in sperm quality is a difficult issue
    to diagnose, as defects in the bio chemicals in
    the body at cellular levels causes infertility
    and most chemical-based cures for such conditions
    fail to cure sperm defects or improve sperm
    count, alternately, natural semen volume enhancer
    supplements work in safe ways to enhance
Semen Volume Enhancer Supplements
  • Alternative cures provided by certain herbs offer
    superior ways to enhance sperm count. These are
    traditional cures which are in practice since
    ages and many such methods are being tested by
    world's leading laboratories.
Ashwagandha And Kaunch Beej
  • Ashwagandha and Kaunch beej are two natural semen
    volume enhancer supplements widely known to
    enhance cellular structure, endocrine flow and
    male fertility and both can be found in Spermac
    and Vital M-40 capsules. The increasing stress in
    everyday life, relationship issues and exposure
    to harmful chemicals in everyday life has
    increased infertility rate in men.
Gokhuru Fruit
  • Gokhuru fruit or Tribulus terrestris is believed
    to be a great remedy for urinary disorder,
    diabetes and male reproductive functions. It can
    cure fatigue and work as mood enhancer. It is one
    of the main herbs in ayurveda used for
    Oligozoospermia - the condition when the man
    suffers from seminal disorder where the sperm
    count is below 20 million per milliliter.
Gokhuru Fruit
  • The studies on the herb shows it works as
    diuretic and is aphrodisiac, which could improve
    sperm count. The herb has been found to have a
    role in stimulating spermatogenesis and improving
    sertoli cell activities (as tested in laboratory
Gokhuru Fruit
  • A Bulgarian study on the herb on couples where
    both man and woman were given the herb for 60
    days and then six months, found the average time
    taken to conceive was 5.2 months. The study found
    the herb was able to increase sperm count and its
Asparagus Racemosus
  • Asparagus racemosus is another bio extract found
    in both the capsules - Spermac capsules and Vital
    M-40 capsules as this have been found to be
    effective in enhancing male vitality and can
    improve sperm count. The tests on such
    ingredients of natural semen volume enhancer
    supplements found it was able to increase the
    attraction towards female rats by 100 percent.
    Various other studies found it is effective in
    improving erection strength.
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