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homeopathy treatment Hyderabad 26 sep 17


Homeopathy aims to treat the root cause of a problem and not just mask symptoms, with the ultimate aim being total alleviation of symptoms rather – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: homeopathy treatment Hyderabad 26 sep 17

homeopathy treatment Hyderabad
  • Homeopathy aims to treat the root cause of a
    problem and not just mask symptoms, with the
    ultimate aim being total alleviation of symptoms
    rather than just symptomatic relief. 
  • Homeopathy is one of the most effective modes of
    treatment with proven efficacy. It is safe with
    no side-effects, non-invasive, suitable for
    children, geriatrics and animals. It is also cost
    effective. So consult your homeopath NOW for
    effective and permanent solutions to you health
  • Natural treatment for dengue is an often
    overlooked, but very interesting option to
  • This article, published in May, 1998, in the
    "Folha de Sao Paulo"(Brazil) newspaper is very
    informative for those seeking a natural remedy
    against dengue.
  • Contrary to what weve been told by allopathic
    medicine, it appears there is a treatment for
    dengue, and even, according to some, a possible
    preventive! Heres our translation of the
    article, which was, of course, originally written
    in Portuguese.
  • (Please note that the subtitles are not from the
    original article. We added them for claritys

Homeopathy Fights Dengue
  • While the aedes aegypti mosquito spreads dengue,
    and the nations' authorities are still trying to
    contain the epidemic, homeopathy is an efficient
    alternative for the treatment of the disease
    that, in some cases, can be fatal.
  • The State Department of Health has acknowledged
    that the homeopathic treatment is more efficient
    in combating symptoms of the disease, and is
    distributing instructions to doctors in the
    public health services about how to prescribe
    these homeopathic remedies.
  • After meetings with specialists from the
    Institute Hahnemanniano do Brasil (IHB), one of
    the representatives of Brazilian homeopathy, a
    Coordinating Committee for the Program of
    Homeopathy of the State Department of Health
    elaborated a protocol for the treatment of dengue
    with homeopathic medicines. Simple and practical,
    the protocol makes it possible for even
    allopathic doctors to prescribe these remedies.

Health Strategies
  • The homeopathic doctor Fábio de Almeida Bolognani
    reminds us that since its beginnings, homeopathy
    has provided enormous contributions to humanity
    in cases of chronic diseases and in the fight
    against infectious/contagious epidemics. He cites
    the example of cholera, the plague that scourged
    Europe between 1831 and 1834, which was fought
    quite effectively through homeopathic treatment.
    "From then on, the first homeopathic hospitals
    came into existence and the teaching of this
    method of healing won world-wide fame", she says
  • According to the homeopathic doctor Renan Marino,
    the homeopathic formula has been the treatment of
    preference in Cuba, where it has been used on a
    large scale with excellent results.
  • The pain, fever and other symptoms are reduced
    to two or three days. In other words, the patient
    is contagious for fewer days, diminishing the
    chain of transmission, he explained. He also
    mentioned that the formula reduces the risk of

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