Natural Treatments For Irregular Periods To Regulate Menstrual Cycle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Treatments For Irregular Periods To Regulate Menstrual Cycle


This power point presentation describes about natural treatments for irregular periods to regulate menstrual cycle – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Treatments For Irregular Periods To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

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Some women who are above 40 experience too much
of bleeding during their menstrual cycle. Women
who have normal bleeding normally lose 80 ml of
blood every month. But, women experiencing heavy
bleeding lose more than 400 ml of blood.
Hormonal fluctuation is the main cause for heavy
bleeding among women. Heavy bleeding issue is a
temporary problem in teen girls. MCBC capsules
are the most recommended natural remedies to
regulate menstrual cycle.
Important ingredients included in MCBC herbal
supplements are jatamansi, gurhal, brahmadandi,
salabmisri, kachnar, agastya, dirgwali,
shankpushpi, brahmi, shatavari, aparajita,
ustukhuddus, buch and nilkadambika.
Controlling heavy bleeding by taking MCBC herbal
supplement is the most ideal remedy. It is
helpful for women suffering from menstrual issues
due to thyroid problems, anemia, liver problems
and uterine fibroids. This herbal supplement
contains micronutrients offers relief from side
effects of weight loss or weight gain.
You should take these supplements at least for
three to four months for desired results. This
herbal supplement provides efficient cure for
heavy menstrual cycles, cramps and abnormal
periods. It is also advised for treating early
menses and delayed menses. It helps in regulating
the periods and helps women to have regular
period cycles.
It offers essential iron to the body and helps in
getting relief from issues such as anemia or low
hemoglobin. It assures balance in hormones. It
provides strength to the reproductive system of
women by offering essential nutrients. It brings
balance of estrogen and progesterone.
Women experiencing irregular periods because of
pregnancy, stress, diabetes, smoking, anemia and
birth control pills can highly benefit by using
these supplements regularly. It helps in
regulating the monthly cycle by shrinking the
fibroids and favorable growth of ovaries.
It helps in maintaining fertility in women. It
helps in increasing the sexual desire and
provides relief from psychological issues. It
provides relaxation and helps in getting relief
from mood swings and anxiety. It removes toxic
hormones from the body. It is also advised for
women who are experiencing miscarriages.
MCBC herbal supplement is the best answer for how
to control heavy bleeding during periods. Besides
using these herbal supplements on regular basis,
you should also prevent the consumption of milk
products of cow. You are also recommended to
consume foods enriched with phytoestrogens.
You can incorporate foods such as soy, flaxseeds
and nuts to lighten the periods. Resistance to
insulin or obesity is one of the main reasons for
heavy bleeding in women. You should reduce
consumption of sugar. So, you should include
foods that are rich in magnesium in order to
control heavy bleeding naturally.
You should also include yogurt, whole grains,
dark chocolate, fish, nuts, beans, seeds, leafy
vegetables, bananas, dried fruits and avocados in
your routine diet. You should also eat foods
enriched with vitamin C in order to provide
strength to blood vessels.
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