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Python Development


Python is an open source for web development platform. It is a simple, flexible, robust, reliable, and interactive programming language. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Python Development

Python Development
  • Python is an open source for web development
  • It is a simple, flexible, robust, reliable, and
    interactive programming language.
  • Given its easily accessible framework, Python
    uses object oriented programming for
  • quicker application development.
  • Although numerous programming languages are
    currently available in the market,
  • Python has rapidly gained momentum and has
    successfully ranked among the top
  • web development platforms, mainly because it
    perfectly suited for application
  • development in a rapidly evolving market.

  • Python remains top choice for both beginners and
    experienced developers with
  • regards to various web development operations
    that include Graphic User
  • Interface (GUI) development, web application
    development, game development.
  • Today various companies are using Python
    programming language for developing
  • intuitive as well as interactive applications,
    games, and GUI that appeals best to
  • the end-users.
  • Here are some of the benefits offered by Leo
    TechnoSoft as a Python web
  • development company .

Benefits of Python
  • Powerful GUI frameworks include PyGTK, PyQt,
  • Various well-maintained libraries
  • Reliable web frameworks include Django, Zope,
  • Powerful IDEs Eclipse with PyDev, PyCharm
  • Out-of-the-box availability on Mac OS X/Linux/
    FreeBSD platforms
  • It is easy to learn Python
  • Easy access to platform documentation
  • Simple distribution of python packages via Python
  • On Python, it is easy to use cloud hosting via
    Google App Engine (GAE)

  • Django is increasingly being used the world over
    for building simple websites to
  • complex corporate applications.
  • The best attribute about this solution is its
    simplicity and reliability.
  • Python Web Development Company Leo TechnoSoft
    offers a variety of Python
  • libraries that make implementation faster and
    more effective and can be utilized in
  • a business intelligence capacity.

Python Development
  • Leo TechnoSoft has vast experience in developing
    web applications in Python and is
  • one of the renowned Python Web Development
  • Leo Technosoft allows high ROI for the customers
    by leveraging its expertise
  • best practices to deliver outstanding web
    solutions and accelerating Time to
  • market.

  • Our expert team of Python developers know
    precisely how to achieve high quality results in
    web development.
  • They enable our clients web applications to
    become saleable and profitable for the target
    consumer market.
  • Employing only leading edge solutions and
    path-breaking technologies, we meet all the
    demands of a modern business.
  • This has indeed helped us to develop rich
    expertise in several technologies, delivering
    numerous Python projects of varying complexities.
  • In addition to this, we are experienced in
    creating user-friendly Business Intelligence
    Application Servers written in Python.

Our expertise in Python Application Development
  • Designing, programming and implementation
  • Application development and support
  • Python Game Development and support
  • Python Web Development and support
  • Directory integration

Our expertise in Python Application Development
  • Scaling and optimization
  • Porting of legacy applications into python
  • Porting legacy apps to Python based apps
  • Client/Server interfacing to leverage existing
  • For further enquiries drop in a mail
    to or call us at 407-965-

About Leo TechnoSoft
  • Leo TechnoSoft is Outsourced Software
    Product Development Company with
  • innovation centers in LA, Chicago and
  • The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based
    applications, Cloud Computing,
  • Migration, Integration, Cross Platform,
    Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product
  • Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT
  • To know more about Leo TechnoSoft, contact us
    at or call us at 407-965-5509.

Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot
  • Overview
  • Global partner product development provider with
    delivery centers in Los Angeles, Chicago and
    India (Offshore).
  • Specializes in Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise Product
    Engineering for Startups, Entrepreneurs,

Value offering
  • Technology
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Partnered Product Development
  • Technical, Operation and Sales Management
  • Expertise SaaS Cloud solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • VC Connections and relationships

  • Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop
    of a hat
  • Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up
  • Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations
  • For more information email us at
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