Hair Transplant in Kolkata - FUE & FUT Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hair Transplant in Kolkata - FUE & FUT Procedures


Hair Transplant in Kolkata is the best option to deal with baldness problem. Hair Transplant in Kolkata is performed from advanced Hair Restoration Techniques. thus ensures safety of the patients undergoing surgery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair Transplant in Kolkata - FUE & FUT Procedures

Hair Transplant in Kolkata FUE FUT Procedures

  • Introduction
  • Techniques of Hair Transplant
  • FUE
  • FUT
  • Strip Harvesting
  • Why Hair Transplant in Kolkata?
  • Thank You

  • Hair Transplant is a Surgical Procedure of
    Transferring Hair Grafts from Recipient Region to
    the Balding Region. Over the Past Few Decades,
    Hair Transplant Serve as the best way to deal
    with Baldness Problems. Hair Transplant has
    proved as a boon for the person dealing with
    baldness. Hair Transplant in Kolkata preferred by
    most of the people looking for hair transplant
    surgery. Lets see Why Hair Transplant in Kolkata
    is preferred most among the Patients.

Techniques of Hair Transplant
  • Hair Transplant in Kolkata is Performed mainly by
    three techniques listed as
  • FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • Strip Harvesting
  • We Will have a brief on each of these techniques
    in detail in coming slides.

  • FUE Stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. As the
    name suggests under this technique individual
    follicular units are removed and are then placed
    in the balding region in the presence of local
    anesthesia. FUE Hair Transplant ensures the
    safety of the Patients. The Surgery leaves No
    Scars, No Marks and provide Natural Hair Growth.

  • FUT Stands for Follicular Unit Transplant, Unlike
    FUE Technique, Under this technique instead of
    extracting each grafts individually a thin strip
    of the scalp is removed from the back of the
    scalp and then further dissected into small
    grafts which are then placed to the head.

Strip Harvesting
  • Under Strip Harvesting Technique. The Surgeons
    harvests a strip of skin and then the grafts are
    extracted and are placed into small incisions
    made on the head. Strip Harvesting may leave a
    linear scar on the head of the Patients and thus
    use of strip harvesting technique have been
    further decreased.

Why Hair Transplant in Kolkata
  • Hair Transplant in Kolkata is always on the top
    of the list of the Patients looking for Hair
    Transplant Surgery. The Credit goes to the use of
    advanced Techniques and Cheap Cost, that grabs
    the patients attraction.

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