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Accounting Software in Dubai


EzyAccounting Software is an accounting software in Dubai which anyone can use with very little knowledge of accounts. Managing your business is extremely easy using EzyAccounting Software. EzyAccounting Software is designed in order to be user-friendly and intuitive, so that users can add and update information quickly. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Accounting Software in Dubai

Manage Your Business Not Just
An Accounting SoftwareBy Delicate Software
SolutionsDubai, 971-4-4216577
  • EzyAccounting is a software that records and
    processes accounting transactions within
    well-designed modules such as accounts payable,
    accounts receivable, payroll and trial balance.
    The software can be used to record transactions,
    maintain account balances, and prepare financial
    statements and reports.
  • EzyAccounting is a system of recording
    financial transactions on a computer across a
    full range of accounting options for any size of
Main Benefits
  • Optimizing Financials Accounting
  • Take Control of Your Cash Flow
  • Streamline Accounting Process
  • Transform Financial Data into Actionable Insights
Special Features
  • Option for creating up to 100 company database
  • Option for setting different financial period,
    closed financial year can be opened if user wants
    to do so
  • Many settings which can be enabled or disabled by
  • One Click Data back up restore facility.
  • Offers multi user environment
  • Handles multi currency, exchange rate of
    currencies are taken automatically. Option to set
    default currency to assign.
  • Option for setting multiple units for products
  • Provides option for generating and printing of
Special Features Cont
  • Maintain bill by bill details of parties
  • Maintain payroll accounting
  • Handles budgeting
  • Automatic calculation of tax
  • Option for setting price list
  • Option for setting seasonal rate
  • provides manufacturing journal
  • keeping registers of all vouchers
  • Option for transferring goods between go downs
    and branches
Special Features Cont
  • Supports various stock value calculation we
    provides following methods
  • FIFO
  • Average cost method
  • Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive
  • Short cut keys, key board navigation for easy
  • No special training is required. Any one can use
  • Paper usage can be completely eliminated by using
    this system
Features by Modules
Sales Module
  • Sales Quotation
  • The Quotation is used for creation, editing,
    look through the information concerning the
    potential sales to client. Quotation numbers are
    unique and generated automatically as per your
    numbering policy defined in settings.
  • Sales Order
  • Prepare sales order efficiently. Sales Order
    Number is automatically generated. User can set
    the due date of order. Orders can be cancelled by
  • Delivery Note
  • Option to deliver goods before bill. DO number
    is auto generated.
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Invoice can be prepared managed
    efficiently. Sales Invoice can be done against
    order, delivery note directly. Changes to the
    stock and accounts will be done automatically.
Features by Modules
Sales Module
  • Receive Payments
  • Receipt Vouchers handles all cheque, cash
    payments. Receipt can be done against a bill or
    directly. Multiple receipts can be done in a
    single voucher.
  • Sales Return
  • The returning of damaged items can be done
    easily. Return may be against an invoice
    otherwise direct return is also possible.
  • Point of Sale
  • Software offers POS module. Simple Easy to
    manage counter sales with flexible settings to
    display or hide extra information.
Features by Modules
Purchase Module
  • Purchase Order
  • This Module is used for creation, editing and
    managing the purchase orders. Purchase can be
    done against order, material receipt or directly.
  • Purchase Invoice
  • It is very easy to enter purchase invoices in
    the software. Purchase Invoice can be done
    against order, material receipt or directly.
  • Material Receipt
  • Receive the purchased material. Purchase receipt
    can be against purchase order or direct and
    affects your inventory.
  • Purchase Return
  • The returning of damaged items can be done
    easily. Return may be against an invoice. Direct
    returning is also possible.
  • Payment Voucher
  • Can handles cheque cash payments. Payments
    can be done against a bill or directly. Multiple
    payment can be done in a single voucher.
Features by Modules
Inventory Module
  • Inventory Master
  • The Inventory Item Master is used for the
    storage of detailed information about the
    products or services you sell. Items Numbers are
    unique and generated automatically as per defined
    rule in settings.
  • Rejection IN / OUT
  • Rejecting of goods that are received via
    material receipt, rejecting back of goods that
    are delivered due to damage or any other reason.
  • Go down Batch
  • You can transfer goods from one go down to
    another. Keeps records of location in which
    products are stored. Maintain batch, MFD, EXPD
  • Manufacturing Journal
  • Efficiently keeps records of raw materials of
    finished goods, cost for raw materials its
    effective cost.
  • Physical stock
  • The gap between actual and expected stock can be
    adjusted here.
Features by Modules
Banking Module
  • PDC Payable / Receivable
  • These modules handle Cheques that are given or
    received as PDC.
  • PDC Clearance
  • To clear the Cheques that are given or received
    as Post date. The cheque may be cleared or
    bounced. Accounts will be maintained accordingly.
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • To match the statements provided by bank and
    the account books kept by your company.
  • Contra Voucher
  • Handles all bank deposit, withdrawal or
  • Journal Voucher
  • The gap between actual and expected ledger
    balance can be adjusted here.
Features by Modules
Accounting Module
  • Profit Loss Statement
  • Offers Detailed Condensed profit loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Offers Detailed Condensed Balance Sheet. You
    can drill down from balance sheet till entry
  • Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance for the current financial period.
  • Cash Flow / Fund Flow
  • Offers Detailed Condensed Cash Flow Fund
    Flow Statements.
  • Chart of Account
  • Software comes with common account groups and
    ledgers. Ledgers can be created as one by one or
    multiple ledgers under a group by user.
Features by Modules
Payroll Module
  • Option for creating different pay heads like
    allowance deductions
  • Create designations and employees under each
  • Option for setting holidays
  • Keeps attendance record
  • Setting Allowances / Deduction for Employees
  • Generating salary pay slips for each month
Features by Modules
Misc. Modules
  • Financial Year
  • A company can create any number of financial
    periods and can be closed as per wish.
  • Suffix prefix settings
  • Option for setting a specified sequence for all
    voucher numbers. Suffix prefix can be set to all
  • Budgeting
  • Easy way for setting budget and analyzing the
    budget variance
  • Reminders
  • Reminders for order on due, purchase, sales on
    due etc.
  • Product expiry report
  • Low stock reminder
  • Option for setting your own reminders
  • Option for disabling reminder option
Features by Modules
Misc. Modules
  • Users Security
  • Option for creating users with different
    privilege level to implement high level of
  • Reports
  • Powerful reports from each module.
  • Navigation from reports to lowest level till
    the vouchers
  • All popular financial reports are available
  • All reports can be printed or export to excel
    or html file.
Thank You
  • Delicate Software Solutions
  • P.O. Box 299275
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Tel 971-4-4216577
  • Email
  • Web
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