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Income Tax Preparation - know your Resources


Income Tax Preparation and returns filing are often considered as an additional burden and a source of worries. We have seen several taxpayers in a state of ultimate fear and anxiety when the IRS lead deadlines of returns submissions start approaching near. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Income Tax Preparation - know your Resources

Income Tax Preparation - know your Resources
Income Tax Preparation Know You
Income Tax Preparation and returns filing are
often considered as an additional burden and a
source of worries. We have seen several taxpayers
in a state of ultimate fear and anxiety when the
IRS lead deadlines of returns submissions start
approaching near. Let us assure everyone there
is nothing to worry about. Several significant
kinds of services are available around. Taxpayers
can acquire income tax preparation service on
both a commercial and a non-commercial basis as
Examaples of Commercial and Noncommercial Support
As far as the business services are concerned,
income tax preparation can be done in a seamless
and an error-free manner. Several firms like,
GLGAccounting.Com are providing enough
sophisticated services. Their team of lawyers and
accountants always ensure the integrity and
security of their clients while preparing and
filing returns on their behalf. That is why a
higher percentage of deductions can be
anticipated when you go to experts and
professionals. Well, on the other hand, some
noncommercial services are also available as we
have mentioned above. Numerous nonprofit
organizations are doing an excellent job in this
field. Let us stick with the IRS provided options
only. The IRS or Internal Revenue Service is
investing a lot of their time and efforts for
making this process a simple and an easier one
for the taxpayers. Their more focus is on less
earning individuals.
  • Following are some of the free income tax
    preparation services you can acquire from them,
  • VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) is a
    program available for physically challenged and
    less literate taxpayers who cannot speak and
    understand English correctly
  • The provision of fillable tax files is another
    great initiative of the IRS, and it is available
    free for everyone
  • Access to the world-class income tax preparation
    programs is also granted to a particular class of
    low-income taxpayers free of charge
  • For senior citizens, a separate program just like
    VITA is in operation, and it is known as TCE (Tax
    Counselling for Elderly)

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CPAs and EAs
  CPAs (certified public accountants) are always
considered as a great source for acquisition of
tax related services. They come with having a
brilliant experience in accounting and
documentation. With the help of a CPA, you could
have your returns prepared in a faultless manner.
They know about the availability of different
forms and can also assist you in choosing the
most appropriate one. Unlike EAs (Enrolled
Agents) CPAs cannot represent their clients in
front of the IRS or elsewhere. In short, they are
not a good choice to be considered in the
scenario of ongoing litigation. Now let us
proceed with the EAs. In recent past, Enrolled
Agents have earned the mandate of representing
their clients in cases like an auditor for some
extensive negotiations with the IRS. EAs are a
good choice for income tax preparation. After
all, they come with a certification from the IRS.
As far as the rates are the concerned hiring of
an EA is going to cost you less than any other
kind of in-person support you seek
Tax Attorneys and Lawyers
  Well, tax attorneys and lawyers are usually and
rightfully considered as the last option. Income
tax preparation is one of the simplest tasks, and
you can have all of your objectives achieved by
hiring anyone like a CPA or an EA. However, at
times it becomes inevitable and necessary the
involvement of an expert. So, consider hiring a
good attorney or lawyer in case if there is a
notice served on you. There are numerous
advantages of hiring a tax professional of such a
huge posture. They can bring definite benefits
and remarkable peace in your life. In addition to
this, you could have your income tax preparation
and submission related issues resolved as well.
Some advanced services like the disclosure of
undeclared wealth and tax debt settlements are
two good examples where the involvement of an
attorney becomes compulsory.
GLG Accounting wants to help you with all aspects
of income tax preparation. So, get in touch with
us today to schedule a FREE consultation!
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