Natural Treatment For Obesity Problem To Reduce Excess Body Fat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Treatment For Obesity Problem To Reduce Excess Body Fat


This power point presentation describes about natural treatment for obesity problem to reduce excess body fat – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Treatment For Obesity Problem To Reduce Excess Body Fat

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Reduce Excess Body Fat
Disproportionate intake of calorie and usage of
energy is the main reason for increase in weight.
Lack of physical work reduces the energy
production and because of this there will be
unused calories in body. These calories get
collected in the form of fat in body. Selection
of food is also important since eating unhealthy
food increases fat and eating healthy food helps
in improving health. Long hours of rest because
of injuries, diseases and illnesses also lead to
gain in weight.
Health Issues Of Excess Body Fat
  • Inappropriate sleep also increases mental and
    physical tiredness which makes a person feel weak
    and this makes a person to eat more. Natural
    treatment for obesity is the best remedy to
    reduce excess body fat.
  • Health problems associated with obesity
  • Strokes or heart diseases Blood pressure
    increases along with increase in weight, which
    increases the risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and

Health Issues Of Excess Body Fat
  • Diabetes Because of abnormal food intake, level
    of glucose in blood increases which increases the
    risk of getting diabetes.
  • Gallstones Cholesterol increase in bile leads to
    formation of gallstones.
  • Osteoarthritis Fibrous tissues near joints and
    cartilage get affected by the fat and these are
    essential for the movement in joints. This
    further leads to weakness in bones.

Remedies Of Excess Body Fat
  • Cancers Risk of cancer increases in gallbladder,
    rectum, endometrium, breast, kidney, colon,
    thyroids, pancreas, and esophagus.
  • Home remedies to reduce excess body fat
  • Lemon Juice Intake of lemon juice enhances
    digestion and helps in detoxification. This leads
    to increased metabolism.
  • Curry leaves Curry leaves contain mahanimbine
    which has lipid lowering and anti-obesity effects.

Remedies Of Excess Body Fat
  • Green tea It helps in slowing down of weight
    gain since it restricts absorption of fat and
    increases capability of the body to make use of
  • Apple cider vinegar It helps in preventing the
    fat accumulation inside body.
  • Aloe Vera It helps in stimulation of metabolism,
    uses unused fat and increases consumption of

Figura Capsules
You can use Figura capsules which are natural
treatment for obesity. These are made of pure
herbal extracts. These herbal supplements
suppress appetite and increased the production of
energy. Because of this, body can use accumulated
calories and so your body weight decreases
naturally. These herbal supplements contain herbs
which keep the cellular activities normal.
Ingredients In Figura Capsules
Constant production of energy helps in regular
use of calories. This helps in losing weight
without doing any exercise it also reduces
tiredness, weakness and fatigue. Figura capsules
contain kaligiri, haritaki, chitrak, kulthi,
piplamool, bair, babool, pashanbhed, chandras,
jwasa, samudra shosh, gurlu, katha, bhadradanti,
and babuna. All these herbal ingredients enhanced
functions of body parts and prevent metabolic
problems because of which production of energy
goes down.
Figura Capsules
These herbal extracts improve the process of
blood purification and this prevents free
radicals and toxins from harming tissues and
cells. Development of muscles also increases
which increases muscle mass. These herbal
supplements should be taken for three to four
months in order to get the best results.
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