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Best Laminate Manufacturers in Gujarat| Amulya Mica (1)


Different shades and colors of exterior grade from one of best laminate manufacturers companies in Gujarat, India – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Laminate Manufacturers in Gujarat| Amulya Mica (1)

Our Vision is not just to be rated among the top
5 bands of India in Interior Exterior Fields,
but more importantly , to strive to attain the
Leadership position in making our people aware to
protect save the nature by using Plywood and
related products for their wood work. The Group
also envisions revolutionizing the laminate
industry by introducing innovative products that
can meet various demands.
To manufacture world class products of
Outstanding qualities, providing related services
and solutions to our client while utilizing
latest technologies, highest business standard ,
work ethics Corporate Governance so we can make
every Customer SMILE.
  • Established in 1998, the Group has successfully
    positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of
    PLYWOOD LAMINATE Products within short span of
  • The group Companies
  • Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd Amul Boards Pvt.
    Ltd. are two strong Pillars of the Group.

  • Company /Promoter Credentials a Brief
  • State of the Art Plant in Gandhidham- Kutch
  • Exclusive Certification from Forest Stewardship
    Council(FSC),South Africa for making eco friendly
  • Exclusive range of Laminate Complete range of
    Gurjan Plywood.
  • Qualified for Singapore Green Label
    certification from Singapore
  • Environment Council C.E. marking certification
  • Green Guard Certification from U.L. Environment
  • A Government of India Recognized Export House.
  • ISO-14001, ISO-9001 OHSAS-18001 certification
  • IGBC membership company.
  • Envisioned the concept of Exclusive Designer
    Lounge, Surface Concepts catering to high end
    designing needs of clients.
  • Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, MD has been awarded Bharat
    Udyog Ratna in 2001 Udyog Bharti Award 2006,
    Quality Excellence Award by All India Business
    Community Foundation, New-Delhi.

  • Active member of trade association like
  • MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal has been nominated as
    member of Board of Governors (BOG) of IPIRTI in
    honorary capacity for the period of TWO years
    i.e. 2014-2016 by the Ministry of Environment
    and Forests, Government of India.
  • MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal has been nominated in The
    Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Gujarat MSME State Panel Committee.
  • MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal is advisor of Arya
  • Mr. Rakesh Agarwal Is Brand Ambassador of
    Corporation Bank , GANDHIDHAM

LTD. (A Government of
India Recognized Export House) With strong bonds
bearing the impression of Excellence Purbanchal
Lamintes Pvt. Ltd, maker of AMULYA MICA yearns
for quality and perfection and is known for
providing priceless solution to its patrons. The
company always follows the mantra of Constant
Up-Gradation. Beginning its Odyssey from
Gandhidham, Gujarat in 2004, under the dynamic
tutelage of its Chairman Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal
Managing Directors Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Mr. Mukesh
Agarwal Mr. Girdhari Lal Dokania, today it has
become one of the renowned name in the Indian
Laminates Industry and emerging faster way in
international Market.
Amulya Mica takes utmost care while selecting
laminates papers, colors, textures and design so
to ours Design Conscious buyers can select
their dream interior with Pride Passion. It
is the place where colors are applied in tandem
with culture to blend with the ambience. It
warranties its products for 7years - a guarantee
rarely provided by the companies. To support the
modern digitalization concept to have a quick
view of design of laminate, the company has
introduced Smart Mobile Tablet APPS along with
new design of Kiosk first of its kind in the
panel trade. The images can be easily saved,
emailed, printed and shared. This app is easily
downloadable from PLAY STORE on any personal
android device.
     A. PRODUCTION CAPACITY More than 2 Lakh
sheets per month. B. PRODUCTION PROCESS
The first step for manufacturing decorative
laminate sheet is to prepare resin
There are two types of Resin, one is Phenolic
Resin made out of mainly Phenol Formaldehyde
which is used for impregnating Kraft and other is
Melamine Resin made from Melamine formaldehyde
which is used for impregnation of Base
Paper/Print, overlay Tissue.
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After impregnating base paper/print, overlay
tissue , these are stored in A/c room under
specific climatic condition.
Impregnating kraft, base paper tissue are taken
in assembly area for making assembly by taking
numbers of layers of impregnated kraft depends on
thickness require and above it impregnated design
paper is taken.
These assemblies are kept below the mould plate.
The surface of the laminate is dependent on the
use of mould plates which may be of stainless
steel or plates with chromium or nickel. The
surface of the mould plate may range from high
gloss, matt or sued. In a multi platen Hydraulic
press, numbers of such assemblies are kept.    
The platens are bored from inside fabricated in
such a way that steam water can pass through
it, effecting heating cooling of the laminate
sheets.   The two assemblies are separated by
keeping BOPP Film in between them. After
completing the curing cycle sheets are taken out
from hydraulic press and released from the mould
plates.   These sheets are later trimmed for 4
sides by using circular saw and its
Back side is roughened by using sanding machine
After this, sheets are taken for inspection
Marking/Labelling is done to identify finish and
design number.
Bar Code
Amulya Mica is using Bar Code sticker in its
laminate sheet giving unique key of Thickness,
Finish, Design No and Size. Now product
presentation is better than manual Hand Writing
by Ink.
To protect the surface of the laminate sheet
wrapping is done by using wrapping machine.
After this, laminate sheet are stored in specific
racks and in this way material is ready for
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  • Product Ranges
  • Amulya Mica is manufactured more than 600 design
    and 100 finishes like suede, matt, glossy and
    textured from imported design paper like Chiyoda,
    Techno cell, Shattdecor, suddekor , interprint,
    Decotec etc. The following are the different
    types of Laminates being manufactured by Amulya
  • High Pressure Decorative Laminate
  • Post Forming Laminate
  • Seven Wonders Range of Amulya Mica ( 14 Exclusive
    Premium Décor Designs procured from Chiyoda
    Corporation with exclusive marketing rights for
    South East Asia)
  • Unicore (made with core of same Décor paper as
    on the surface giving an aesthetic look to the
    edges of the laminates.)

  • Product Ranges
  • Amulya Plus (Tough on Scuff) Amulya Plus is
    made from specially formulated resins, selective
    décor and kraft paper and very high glossy press
    plates. It is effectively resistant to scuff, mar
    scratch along with having aesthetical look and
    suitable for various applications such as
    Kitchen, lounges, restaurant, malls, spa, bar
  • Amulya Cladding - Exterior Grade Fire Resistance
    Laminate Exterior Grade compact high pressure
    laminate as per EN 438-6(Resistance against
    extreme climate condition ) is made from high
    quality kraft Imported European decorative
    paper, with high color retention property , with
    high pressure temperature using specially
    treated hardened resin . It comes with high UV
    and weather resistant properties and fire
    resistance quality and with 10 years warranty -
    ideal for exterior and cladding facades.
    First Time in India , in the history of Exterior
    Grade Laminate, Amulya Mica is presenting
    Textured surface, which provides better choice
    and great satisfaction to the customer, apart
    from very attractive but selected wood grains and
    plain colors.

Textured surface, which provides better choice
and great satisfaction to the customer, apart
from very attractive but selected wood grains and
plain colors. Its Benefits
gt. Decorative
gt. Non Porous Water Proof
gt. Inherent Fire
Retardant Properties
gt High Weather resistant
gt Scratch
Solvent Resistant
gt Easy to maintain
gt Very Long Life with
10 years Warranty
gt Increased sound proofing function
(upto 15Db)
gt Easy rapid installation and repair
gt Decrease air conditioning costs.
gt Provides wall
protection and heat insulation against
gt Low cost maintenance.
Amulya Cladding is found in a wide range of
thickness. The range is available in 6mm, 8 mm,
10 mm, 12 mm and up to 15mm thickness and in
standard size of 1220mmx2440mm.
Amulya Cladding is tested and got certificate
from ? EPH Germany Lab
EN-438-6 (Resistance against Extreme Climate
condition) ?
ASTM- E84-16 Standard Test method for surface
Burning Characteristics of
Building materials at Thomas Bell Wright
International Consultants,
Dubai. ? Fire Retardant test
at National Test Laboratory ,Kolkata Amulya
Digilam Amulya Micas new product range as
Digital Laminate in 1.25mm perhaps first of its
kind in our panel trade in India. Amulya Digital
Laminate has been specially designed to make high
quality furniture like cupboards, shelves,
kitchen cabinets, business offices, partition,
panels makeshift ceilings and domestic
interiors.Designed particularly for contemporary
urban life-style , the new Amulya Digital
Laminates collection is coming up with an
evergreen appeal with refreshing shades to
delight your senses for lifetime.
  • Door Size Laminate namely Amulya Metallic Door
    Guard Amulyas Metallic Door Guard are unlike
    other traditional door skin and possess all the
    properties and advantages of decorative
    laminates. It is available in more than 40
    elegant designs in MATT finish and different
    textures and in size of 8x4 and 7x3.25 in
    1mm thickness.
  • Synchronized Laminates-1.25mm (Registered Emboss)
    In Synchronized laminates, grain textures are
    truly matched with natural wood textures . One
    can feel touch sensation of exact texture of
    natural veneer. It is manufactured with laminate
    press plate, design of which is synchronized with
    actual wood grains. These premium press plates
    are able to match the texture with the pattern of
    each individual laminate with perfect precision.
    So, Synchronized Laminate is an ideal choice for
    those who want their furniture to look as close
    to real wood as possible. Amulya Synchronized
    laminates gives the real feeling of natural wood
    even with look and touch just like Wood veneer.
    It is highly resistant against burns stains. It
    can be used in anywhere as regular laminates can
    be used. It is available in thickness of 1.25mm
    and in size of 8x4.

Its Benefits   As we know that peoples first
choice is natural material but its use is
restricted because of its higher price, limited
availability in large number of same group,
difficulty in use, high maintenance cost and
shorter life span. Previously laminate designs
were not so perfectly matched with the material
it replicated but now it is a matter of past as
Amulya Synchronized Laminates make you feel like
natural wood. 1. Amulya
Synchronized Laminates gives the real feeling of
natural wood even with look
and touch just like the wood veneer.
2. It has low maintenance as compared to
natural veneer 3. It saves the
environment as it fulfills the real look of
natural veneer. 4. Long life as it
is made with imported decorative paper in Indias
best laminate press.
5. It is the perfect replacement of Natural
Veneer as it gives the same look and feel as
natural veneer. 
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List of Prestigious Client
List of Prestigious Client
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Plant for The Planet Plywood
manufacturing is judicious utilization of Wood

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The
company believes that Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) is not just additional
function to the business rather it is ingrained
in our core business operation.   As we all know
every breath of ours is indebted to greatness of
the mother Earth. Realising our commitment
towards conservation of nature and maintaining
ecological balance, we promise to plant 1 tree
for 36 Pieces of plywood, we (our group of
company) manufacture. To achieve this milestone,
we have still to date planted 30000 Trees in
Jodhpur- Rajasthan a small initiative to
spread greenery in the most barren land on earth
, Dwarka Gujarat a small initiative to make
holy place Green Sunderban- West Bengal
a small initiative to protect wild life on earth
. It will be continuous process to plant trees
every year in proportionate of sale of Plywood.
Being member of Indian Green Building Council
(IGBC) FSC certified company , we are spreading
the GO-GREEN concept time to time. The company
has a plan to plant 1 Lacs trees by the end of
year 2022. We evoke all -
To Plant a Tree,
To Plant a Life stand
up for the Mother Earth !!!
Beside tree- plantation, the companys focus is
for Social upliftment for health education of
its fellow citizen so founded Purbanchal
Charitable Trust. The company has been donating
regularly and generously in many NGOs, Trusts and
responsible Organizations for education of
unprivileged children and at the same time helps
young talented students for their R D
works. To support the Govt. of India drive for
cleanliness, the company has constructed toilet
blocks in Vidi Village Bhimasar Village, Anjar-
Kutch under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
The company is founder member of Ramkrishna Sewa
Samiti and has provided hefty financial
assistance to build Cancer Treatment Hospital in
Sterling Ram Krishna Specialty Hospital at
Gandhidham- kutch-Gujarat under the aegis of
RamKrishna Sewa Samiti. Happy to inform it
started it operation on 4-Feb-17 on cancer day.
It is the first of its kind in Kutch District as
there was no Cancer Treatment Clinic in Kutch
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To support the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modis
dream Housing for all by 2022 for economic
weaker section of the society, the company is
decided to provide financial assistance to build
ONE HOUSE in every month for weaker section of
the people. Still June/16, the company has helped
to build 10 houses to 10 families. The company
has provision to build such 100 houses in 100
Amulya Micas new venture
Purbanchal Composite Panel (India) Pvt.
Ltd Purbanchal Composite Panel (India) Pvt. Ltd
is new venture of Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd.
Amulya Mica, situated near Amulya Micas plant
at Bhimasar Village, Anjar Dist Kutch (Guj). It
started its production from 2-Mar-17.In organized
sector, Amulya is the first company in India to
make in house PVC laminate ( 90 bending)-
Bending Laminate that can be bent up to 90.
WPC/PVC boards are used in both Interior like
Kitchen, Partition, home office furniture etc
and Exterior decoration like Garden furniture,
Shuttering Board, Exterior wall cladding
etc. Amulya WPC The following new ranges of
products ? Amulya
WPC LEAD FREE Foam Boards ? Amulya
PVC LEAD Free Foam Boards ? Amulya
PVC Laminates with 90 bending quality
WPC is 100 termite proof, water proof,
recyclable, Eco-friendly and flame retardant
product. It has holding capacity of High Screw
Nails. It is especially helpful for those areas
where we see large scale problem of termite and
dampness. Amulya WPC USPs ?It
is totally Lead Free product. Lead is very toxic,
causing pollution in environment and
badly harmful to young children. Lead is
carcinogenic (cancer causing). Lead based
boards are not safe to be used in
kitchen or wardrobes. Exports demand Lead free
products. So we decided to
manufacture all Amulya WPC products LEAD free
both for national as well as
international market first of its kind in
India. ? Only Amulya WPC provides
the boards in 3.5 feet / 4 feet and 6 feet width.
Our 6 feet board will
specially help the carpenters and OEMs to attain
zero wastage standards. ? Amulya
WPC has been formulated with optimum density
which results in boards which
are strong yet light weight. Amulya WPC/PVC
will be available in following size Width from
2½ to maximum 6 Length Customized up to
20 Thickness 4mm to 40mm So ASK FOR AMULYA
WPC. We assure you to provide best quality ever
in the Indian market.

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Thank you
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