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8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives


Here are 8 best TeamViewer alternatives to improve access to multiple PCs and host video conferencing between colleagues and clients at different locations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer is an app that allows you to access
various workstations located at
different locations remotely. It can be used to
complete tasks, like sharing desktops, attending
online meetings, messaging online, allowing you
to control a computer remotely and having web
conferences, etc.
W hat Need A TeamViewer Alternative?
Though TeamViewer has many advantages, but
certain disadvantages have also been indicated by
its users on the basis of their personal
experiences. It releases updates frequently,
which will not allow you to get connected to this
software if you have an old version and your
host has the latest one. It is a bit slow if your
internet connection is not of superior quality.
When this software is hosted on LAN machine
sometimes its speed throttles cause huge lag in
input. In order to control cell phones with this
software, you will have to upgrade to with higher
and costly plan which is not affordable for all
8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives
Hence, to avoid all the negative aspects of
TeamViewer you will have to find some alternative
to it. Some of the effective TeamViewer
alternatives are briefly discussed here to help
you choose the most suitable one for you. 1.
Real VNC This software built on VNC or Virtual
Network Computing network is available in free
and paid versions to remote desktop clients. It
is built on an open source technology, which
allows to provide a secure and more reliable
connection to the users. You can get connected
to remote computers on the basis of a public IP
address with the cross - platform provided by
the service.
2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting This professional HD
video conferencing tool has a wide range of
different features to fulfil the needs of
education, remote medicine as well as business
establishments. Other software options of this
type are either too expensive or too faulty, but
it maintains balance between these two features.
It offers a professional video conferencing servic
e at very affordable price. It offers a free
version which allows online video conferencing
with up to 100 participants, without any strings
or hidden cost attached to it. With this
alternative to TeamViewer's help, you can send
text messages privately or publickly in an
instant, share screen and interactive
whiteboards, record the sessions for playback,
and more to enpower you to communicate and
collaborate with colleagues that live in various
places in real time.
3. Splashtop This alternative for TeamViewer
offers paid as well as free solutions for
controlling remote desktops for businesses and
individuals both. If you are using it on your PC
for personal purposes, you can use it free by
setting it up on your PC with Mac or Windows
operating system to hugely access mobile devices
with Android or iOS operating systems. The best
features of it is to reduce latency on video and
audio streaming which make it a good alternative
for TeamViewer.
4. join.me This software has been developed by
LogMeln as a premium class remote desktop
service that allows businesses to run remote
meetings with people anywhere in this world. You
can make these meetings better by using its
instant screen sharing tool. You can connect
with up to 250 people at a time with its paid
5. Ultra VNC This free alternative of TeamViewer
also based on Virtual Network Computing, is
developed for the Windows based systems to access
other systems placed remotely. You can use
remote system to completely work on it after the
establishment of the connection. It is one of
the best TeamViewer alternatives as it allows
free transfer of files after establishing remote
connection quickly.
6. AnyDesk AnyDesk is a compact and easy to use
online TeamViewer alternative that works on
remote desktops. You can start downloading
portable files immediately after sharing the
connection through it with remote desktop. The
other user of this software can enter the ID of
your PC to share your desktop. You can reject or
accept the request as you receive a request for
connection. You can email an invitation to the
remote desktop if it is not connected with this
7. LogMeIn Pro It is one of the best solutions
for businesses and individuals who want to access
remote computers. It is one of the best
alternatives to TeamViewer even if its free
version has been discontinued recently.
Accessing local printer and file transfer are its
main features.
8. Windows Remote Desktop Connection Microsoft
Windows Operating System has provided this free
service to the remote clients. You can use the
system settings of the computer to access the
settings of remote computers through the control
panel. It is a good alternative to TeamViewer as
it connects the remote PC to your PC if the
routers are routed on the same port,
3389. Although it cannot connect multiple PCs at
a time, it is still a great tool for beginner
clients working on remote desktops without
installing additional software.
You can find a number of TeamViewer alternatives
to improve access to multiple PCs and host video
conferencing between colleagues and clients at
different locations. After comparing these
alternatives' features and prices, ezTalks Cloud
Meeting appears to be the best of all as it
balances the quality of service with its
cost. https//www.eztalks.com/video-conference/te
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