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Tips and Tricks for Small Bathroom Renovation


Renovating small bathrooms can be a very challenging task. It requires a lot of ingenuity and skill. The room needs to look beautiful and at the same time spacious. If you just renovate or design without considering the looks and space, well you will most probably start all over again. This might not be appealing because it shall have wasted your time and resources. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips and Tricks for Small Bathroom Renovation

Tips and Tricks for Small Bathroom Renovation
  • Small bathrooms have the advantage of lower cost
    of materials than the larger ones.

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This gives you the liberty to try out one or two
expensive stuff without actually feeling the
pinch. You can easily get a small hand carved
marble sink for example and put it in your
bathroom to give it an executive look.
Trust you me ah and-carved marble sinks are not
close to cheap. In a bathroom, what matters most
is space, the smaller space, the more
uncomfortable it is to be inside.
If your bathroom is small, the design is what can
make it spacious enough to enable you to shower
happily and use the toilet comfortably. Here are
some tips to help you out
Put the towel bar on the door
  • The space behind the door is rarely given
    attention by designers, yet it can be useful when
    the room is a small ad every inch of space is

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When you put the towel bar on the door, you do
not have to worry about finding a space to put
it. The space you were to create for it can be
used for something else.
Use a shower curtain instead of opening glass
  • Using an opening door will require that some
    space be available to enable it to be opened and
    closed with ease.

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Since you are economizing on space, you can opt
for a shower curtain that does not need the
opening space.
Use a wall mirror instead of a small one
  • Mirrors are known to create illusions that there
    is space even when space is actually not there.

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Most fast food joints use mirrors on the eating
table to make the room appear big while it may
actually not be big. If space is what you want,
you can use a wall mirror to create an illusion
that there is space.
Use a trough sink
  • Trough sinks usually have space below them. This
    can help you have some floor space. Whats more?
    You can also have a small shelf beneath it to
    create room for shower essentials such as towels,
    shower gels and much more.

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The foot space on the sink is also necessary when
you are using the sink for activities such as
brushing or washing.
Put the vanity above the floor
  • Just like the trough sink, when vanity is above
    the floor, more space is created beneath it. This
    gives the bathroom a lot of floor space, and more
    storage space beneath that can be used for other

For small bathrooms, the design is what creates
the much-needed space. Sometimes what you need is
not to expand the room, but to create an
impression that there is space. The above tips,
therefore, can become handy in giving you the
best bathroom that you ever dreamed of. Discover
more here
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