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The advantages of having LED street lights


Investing in LED street lights has a lot of advantages. They’re the perfect outdoor lighting solutions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The advantages of having LED street lights

The advantages of having LED street lights
  • Street lights are a big part of our lives.
  • Theyre essential for road safety and provide
    ambient lighting for those of us who enjoy a
    nocturnal life.
  • We often ignore how much we rely on outdoor
    lighting in our day-to-day lives, and the fact
    that they are paid for by our tax money.
  • Like everything else, these are also powered by
    electricity and like we all know electricity is
    one source of energy that needs to conserved.
  • We all do it at home, where we get the most cost
    and energy efficient lights and fixtures, why
    cant we do the same for our community.
  • Investing in LED street lights has a lot of
    advantages. Theyre the perfect outdoor lighting

  • Here are some of the advantages of having LED
    street lights

Cheaper and more efficient
  • LED lights are cheaper than your normal light
    bulbs, they are also more effective.
  • The cost of street lighting forms a significant
    chunk of our national budget.
  • Switching to LED street lights isnt of
    environmentally friendly but also much more cost

Big energy savers
  • Global warming is not just a concept and the
    sooner we accept that the better.
  • We need to do all that we can to save the
    environment and ensure that were not harming it
    more than we already have.
  • LED street lights are the perfect outdoor
    lighting solution as they consume less energy and
    also last longer.

More light
  • An LED lightbulb will give out more light and
    cover more area than a regular light bulb.
  • This will make streets safer and roadways better.
  • Road safety is a big issue in our country and we
    must do all we can to ensure that our streets are
    safe for one and all.

The greener choice
  • Not only are they cost and energy efficient, they
    are also environmentally friend.
  • LED lights do not emit the hazardous gases and do
    not contain mercury and lead like the regular
    bulbs emit.

The longer lasting bulbs
  • LED Street Lights are more durable than your
    regular light bulbs.
  • They can last upto six times longer, this means
    they also generate less waste, which adds points
    to their environmentally friendly column.

  • A lot of cities are now adopting LED street
  • This will not only benefit the environment, but
    can also reduce the burden of taxes on the
    regular tax payer.
  • They are an important step in helping our planet
    combat global warming.

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