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The Importance of Video Conferencing in the Business World


The importance of video conferencing lies in several ways in the business world, and here are four aspects explained. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Importance of Video Conferencing in the Business World

Since it's commercially available in 1982, video
conferencing has been widely used in every
industry, especially in the business world. The
rapid development of mobile Internet in recent
years have greatly pushed it into a boom, and it
makes video collaboration and communication more
easily and conveniently. There are several ways
in which video conferencing is important and
essential to the success of one company. 1.
Video Conferencing Helps Increase
Efficiency. First and foremost, the importance
of video conferencing lies in its high
efficiency. Video conferencing system can help
your company increase productivity and efficiency
in many aspects. For instance, the company
decision-maker can quickly express his orders or
ideas to managers and leaders by conducting an
video meeting, with no need to waiting for
everyone coming to the meeting room and then
starting the conference. It saves time, quickens
the meeting and thus boosts productivity.
2. Video Conferencing Creates A Good
  • As a communication tool, video conferencing has
    done a good job. It offers
  • both VoIP and video services, which makes all
    participants have a smooth and effective
    communication with others. According to
    researchers, 93 communication is from
  • nonverbal, and it's proved to be a good
    communication. Video conferencing gives us a
    window to get more information from some clues
    like eye movement, facial expression and body
    language, which helps us better understand each
  • Video Conferencing Helps Save Cost.
  • We all know that travel has become prohibitive.
    Video conferencing makes it possible to reduce
    some business travel. You only need to select a
    right video conferencing solution like ezTalks
    and then start a virtually face-to-face
    conference with your customers or providers to
    discuss business and collaboration. It can still
    achieve the same effect and realize your purpose
    because ezTalks can provide you a high quality
    and satisfied product and service. In this way,
    video conferencing helps business save a lot of
    money, which is so important for your company
  • Video Conferencing Is Functional.
  • Video conferencing is very practical and
    functional. It can be used in the company where
    meetings happen. Besides, it can also be used to
    conduct an online training for staff, which is
    vital to the development of both the company and
    employees. For employee, he/she can get some
    knowledge and skills from the training that is
    helpful to his/her own career. On the other
    hand, staff training can help business foster a
    perfect team, and it can, in turn, boost the
    development of the company.
  • Understanding these important elements of video
    conferencing in the business world will help you
    make a better decision on whether or not adopt
    the communication tool. If you decide to use
    such an effective video conferencing solution and
    dont know how to choose the best one for your
    business, you can refer to the following essay 5
    Best Video Conferencing for Small Businesses in

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