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Impact of Technology in Elementary School


VINCI Elementary school in Ottawa adopting US Common Core standards, VINCI School is proud to be a Maker school, with machine shop and 3D design/printing facility available to students Grade 3 and above. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Impact of Technology in Elementary School

Impact of Technology in Elementary School
Traditional learning methods used in schools are
not always providing children with a fun learning
environment. But nowadays, technology helps
educators to engage students with many new skills
to learn new things in an easy and entertaining
manner.  There are many elementary schools in
Ottawa that focus on learning through modern
technologies in order to improve a childs
physical and social developments.
  • As the impact of technology in elementary
    school is becoming more and more predominant,
    educators recognize the importance of developing
    these technological skills in elementary schools
    and by integrating these technologies we are
    setting our children up for a successful life so
    that they will be prepared for their
    future. Explaining some benefits of using
    technology in elementary schools
  • Prepare children for their best future.
  • Help children to learn at their own pace.
  • Connect with children and makes fun in learning.
  • Help students to remember what they had learned.

We will be capable of guessing that
how greatly technology influences elementary
education. Educational Technology in Ottawa
includes all the approaches of technologies that
are utilized to enhance learning ability in
students by providing them interactive
environment. Let us know how these educational
technologies will help elementary
students. As we know that different
students need different learning styles,
technology helps them to learn in the way theyre
comfortable with. Educators have to find the
interest of children and engage them with those
technologies which attract them. Use of computer
and mobiles in education provide students with a
fun learning and also develop various skills
(social skills, research skills and communication
skills) in students.
  • Here are some reasons why your school should
    implement technologies
  • As we saw that our nation becomes more
    technology-dependent, so it becomes necessary in
    our schools to make use of these technologies in
    order to make children a successful citizen.
  • If children use the tools they love, they will be
    more interested in learning activities and also
    integrating technology in education every day
    helps students stay up-to-date. 
  • In schools, students are excited to use new
    technologies and therefore are more apt to learn.
  • Technology helps the students to become more
    responsive and learn how to make their own
    decisions and think for themselves.
  • With technology, the classroom becomes
    the happier place and the teacher becomes
    the encourager, advisor, and coach.
  • So, there is a great impact of technology
    learning idea in elementary schools and

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