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How Hedging can Save Bitcoin Sports Bets


Bitcoin sports bettors need to learn hedging. It is an essential skill that can remove, or minimize risks. Here is how hedging can save bitcoin sports bets. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Hedging can Save Bitcoin Sports Bets

How Hedging can Save Bitcoin Sports Bets
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Why Hedging Bets Matters
  • Bitcoin sports betting can be fun if you know
    what youre doing. It is dangerous if a new
    player tries complicating bets. Hedging a bet
    helps players come out ahead. It can also make
    good bets worse. Unfortunately, more people talk
    about hedging than learning about it. It is a
    great concept, but if greenhorns try using it,
    they might stand to lose more than gain.

What is Hedging?
  • Hedging is getting rid of risks in bets. Say you
    have bets on football. Bitcoin sports betting on
    it was enjoyable at first. As time went on, you
    became unsure about Real Madrid beating
    Manchester United. If Real Madrid was at -120,
    then you can hedge the bet. Bet 100 on
    Manchester United to win. This is where players
    have more room to play with.
  • Players can bet the same amount of money on
    Manchester United. If Real Madrid pulls through,
    you only need to pay for the risk of betting on
    Manchester United. If you bet less on Manchester
    United than Real Madrid, that is partially a
    hedge bet. As long as you lessen the risk for
    your bets, you can come out a winner either way.
    Bet more on Manchester United, and its like you
    just bet on Manchester United instead of Real
  • That is the basics of hedging. Players who
    understand the basic concepts can take it up a

The Power of Hedging Bets
  • Say you bet 5 BTC on an underdog to win. When the
    series starts, you can bet. But you can also make
    bets through the series, and the prices will
    adjust. If the underdog does win, then the odds
    can have a dramatic shift. The favorites will
    fall out of favor. You want to minimize your
    chances of losing. So you bet on the favorites to
    win, just in case. The favorites do regain
    fighting spirit and win. So you are down because
    you bet on the underdogs, but you win money from
    betting on the favorites. You just evened out
    your own Bitcoin sports betting odds.

Breaking Even Better than Losing
  • It might look better if you won more than what
    you bet. But at the end of the day, a gain of 5
    BTC and a loss of 5 BTC is better than just
    losing 5 BTC. If the underdogs continued to win,
    then your 5 BTC could turn into 10 BTC, but end
    up losing 5 BTC because of the favorites bet. You
    are still ahead by 5 BTC and cut out of a risky
    bet. That isnt bad for a round of bitcoin sports

Hedging Requires Great Responsibility
  • When players use it right, hedging can guarantee
    profits. Like most things, there are downsides
    too. Proper hedging needs to be done quickly to
    get the best price. It can be an advanced form of
    sports betting because it can confuse newcomers.
    Instead of hedging their bets, they could just be
    welcoming heavy losses. It is a traumatizing
    lesson that can scare players off of bitcoin
    sports betting.

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