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Hindu Festivals - Hindu Religious Calendar 2017


Hindu calendar is a traditional calendar followed in India by the Hindu religion. shared a list of Hindu months and days. Also know Hindu panchang. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hindu Festivals - Hindu Religious Calendar 2017

Hindu Festivals - Hindu Religious Calendar 2017
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Here we exhibit a month insightful timetable of
Hindu celebrations, including social and
religious events for 2017 (Saka Era
1937-38/Vikram Era 2072-73). Future Panchang
gives data about Tithi, Rashi, Nakshatra, Yoga
and Karan for any day with precision of second
for a long time. The validity of this Panchang
lies in its precision which presents critical
dates and their figurings in a classified frame
in the long run utilized as a part of Muhurat
The word Panchang signifies "pancha(five)" and
"ang(part)". Each of the five components (Tithi,
Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga and var) together are
called hindu calendar. Consequently, Hindu
Calendar which demonstrates these five components
for every day is called Panchang.The Hindu
date-book depends on lunar months comparing to
the periods of the moon. The majority of the
Hindu celebrations are resolved in view of
position of the Sun and the Moon.
What is Panchang?  Panchang or Panchangam is a
Sanskrit word that actually signifies "the five
appendages". Thusly, Panchang comprises of five
basic components Tithi (Hindu date), Vaar (Day),
Yoga, Nakshatra (star), and Karan. Other than
these things, current Panchangam contains
different other valuable data, for example, Hindu
celebrations, essential dates, horoscope, and
significantly more.
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Here, you will get Aaj Ka Panchang (Hindu
calendar today or today's Panchang in English)
that tells about imperative Muhurat, Disha Shool,
dawn and dusk, moonrise and moonset, and
different other data for your specific place,
which will turn out to be extremely useful. he
taking after Panchang are appeared for the date
Saturday, 28 January 2017 and put "Mumbai
Maharashtra , India". These Panchang figurings
depend on Drik Ganit i.e. current sidereal places
of planets in the sky. The Ayanamsha utilized is
Lahiri or Chitrapakshiya.
Hindu celebration dates, vrats, day by day
panchang and so forth in light of the Hindu
schedule, the conventional lunar date-book
followed in India. Open occasions, hindu
religious occasions, date according to Vikram
samvat timetable alongside lunar months are
likewise shown on this date-book. Given beneath
is the Hindu schedule 2017 for the present month
January 2017. To change date, utilize the
settings choices beneath.
In North India it is called Panchang and in South
India it is called Panchangam. Panchang is only
Hindu schedule or Hindu time keeping framework.
Hindus base their imperative and everyday choices
on Panchang. Hindu Panchang is principally in
light of position of Sun and Moon. Hindu
Panchang is utilized by crystal gazers to perform
visionary counts particularly Muhurta - the
arrangement of knowing great and terrible time
for specific occasions mysteriously.
The way English schedule indicates date and day,
Hindu logbook demonstrates five components -
Hindu Date, Hindu Day, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan.
Panch is Sanskrit dialect word for five and
subsequently it is called Panchang i.e. five
appendages. The Panchang appeared underneath
depends on Indian Standard Time (GMT 053000).
The Panchang appeared here is the fundamental
most normal data that is in site utilized by the
masses in their everyday life.
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