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Title: Alectric - Astonishing Electrician in Adelaide.

Electrical Safety Tips for Residential Spaces
  • Follow simple safety tips to avoid hazardous
    electrical accidents and protect your family

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Avoid Electrical Accidents
  • Safety shouldnt be compromised, especially when
    it comes to electricity. Electrical mishap is one
    of the most common and dangerous residential
  • Avoid improper installation, lack of maintenance,
    incorrect operation and follow safety tips to
    safeguard your home and family.

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Safety with Electrical Plugs and Cords
  • If you want to disconnect the electrical device,
    pull the plug, not the cord. This is not only
    safe but extends life of appliance
  • Dont touch the electrical cord with wet hands as
    there are chances of getting hit by electrical
  • If you find electrical cords are damaged or worn
    out, get it replaced ASAP, to avoid major
  • Keep electrical device cord / extension cord away
    from contact of water and heat

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In case of Fuse Blow
  • In case of fuse blow or circuit tripping,
    immediately switch off the electrical appliances,
    lights, anything which runs on electricity before
    taking any action
  • If you are planning to replace the fuse, make
    sure to replace it with similar rating fuse
  • Check fuse periodically, to avoid sudden fuse
  • If the problem cannot be fixed by yourself, dont
    hesitate to call electricians, it is the safest
    and wisest decision

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Use of Electrical Appliances
  • Before you use any electrical appliance, make
    sure you are well aware of its usage. It is
    advisable to read the manual carefully to avoid
    any electrical problem
  • Unplug the electrical devices, when not in use
  • Never ever place electrical devices near water or
    source of water. It can turn out to be very

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Safety Switches for Safety Purpose
  • It is crucial to connect electrical devices to
    safety switches before using. Hence install
    safety switch at your meter box
  • Make it a thumb rule to test safety switches,
    every three months for safety purpose. It's easy
    to test, Safety switches. It comes with a 'T'
    button which indicates Test, simply press it
  • If the switch power turns off then it means
    safety switch is in good condition

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Childproof Electrical Outlets / Sockets
  • It is very very crucial to keep children away
    from electrical sockets or devices but we have
    noticed that children mostly get attracted
    towards electrical sockets and try to insert
    fingers or poke things inside the socket holes.
    Hence, if you have kids at your home, it is
    essential to install childproof plugs to avoid
    any kind of mishap.

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Hire licensed electricians
  • No matter if the electrical problem is minor or
    major, it is sensible to get help of licensed
    electricians as you will be guaranteed with
    reliable, timely, efficient and most importantly
    safety service.
  • For installation, repair or replacement of
    electrical wiring and devices, hire electricians.

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  • Doing electrical work yourself is a risky task,
    hire qualified electricians to get work done in
    right way.
  • Looking for electricians in Adelaide? Hire
    professionals from Alectric and get electrical
    services done at affordable cost.
  • Call 8249 9855

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