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Couple Retreat Program Nagpur


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Title: Couple Retreat Program Nagpur

Couple Retreat Program Nagpur
About Us
WE are just like YOU
Avinash and Sapna... Just like you, two
individuals on the quest of life. We Endeavor to
put our life experiences together and open up the
Pandora's box for you to pick up all that which
can take your happiness, peace, contentment,
enthusiasm and purpose of life just a few notches
Avinash Deoskar, a trekking enthusiast and lover
of the Himalayas has an inexplicable Enchantment
for nature. And one thing that nature teaches
you is that a vast expanse of beauty lies deep
within the depths of life. Avinash is known
widely for presenting a bouquet of services
bringing together an amazing assortment of the
rigors of adventure and the magic of nature to
gently propel each participant towards
self-exploration and higher aims for life. An
executive member of the National Executive
Council of the National adventure Foundation,
Delhi, He has led 2300 km trek in 1986 from
Kathmandu to Leh. Visited Singapore, Malaysia,
Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Romania, Austria,
Germany, Belgium USA and Honk Kong in connection
with Adventure and experiential learning
projects. Specializes in Adventure based
leadership projects.
Dr. Sapna Sharma, a qualified surgeon who left
the lucrative career of medicine to follow her
heart to guide people in pain and confusion. She
has 20 years of experience in one to one
counseling for issues like Relationship problems,
Parenting Challenges, Career planning, Addiction
Co-addiction, Stress Depression and much
more. A motivational speaker par excellence
Sapna has more than 2000 training and
motivational sessions to her credit and is a
published author of a book on parenting. Sapna
writes regularly for print and electronic media
and is a writer in much demand. Well travelled,
Sapna is also a popular online counselor for
people based across the globe. A former Mrs.
India, Gem Counselor Awardee and equipped with
education from around the world, Sapna is often
seen surrounded by enthusiastic participants of
her seminar who go back with a renewed confidence
in themselves and equipped with tools to handle
the life issues.
Couple Retreat Program Nagpur
We've all known love and we have lived within the
ecstasy of it for a while. After which we let it
slip away. Slowly little by little. And but, in
those alone moments we nonetheless pass over it.
Whilst we hop searching for success and
happiness from job to job and achievement to a
further success, we inadvertently forget about
the basis of every success and that of happiness-
specifically LOVING RELATIONSHIP. It usually is
the kids or the work, the stresses, money or the
in-legal guidelines, the motives will also be
galore, however the sufferer is at all times the
connection- the intimate and the main of them
all. Then they inform us, "All relationships are
the same". No have to accept the dullness in a
relationship in view that folks say, It occurs
with every person
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  • Let's talk about what issues to us essentially
    the most.
  • Can love re- enter an ancient marriage?
  • Is it feasible to re-kindle bodily intimacy?
  • Will we ensure that the ardour of a new marriage
    continues ever after?
  • Can we make the magic last?
  • Is it viable to reside a relationship of passion
    even after we have children and even while
    dwelling in an elevated loved ones?
  • The reply to all these questions is sure. How?
    Because of this we're inviting you with your
    companion to this COUPLES RETREAT.
  • Discover the answers to your toughest questions
    while you get a possibility to specific your
  • We've got created this particular retreat for the
    very special couple that's you. A position and
    ambience the place which you can overlook the
    events drudgeries for existence and be aware of
    what's fairly primary.

  • What's Special and Different?
  • An ambience that is perfect for love and
  • Crew sessions to find out about customary
  • Private time to reflect and retrospect
  • Couple time to discover, revisit and re-light the
    love and ardour
  • Routine to support you comprehend your
  • A non-judgmental surroundings easy discussion of
    most awkward and intimate issues
  • Realistic techniques to day-to-day residing and
    concern solving.
  • Plenty of potent recollections for a lifetime

Its not relevant what your age is or how lengthy
you will have been collectively. Your marriage is
also in afflicted waters or you might be looking
for instruments to overcome only a few system
faults in day-to-day lifestyles. You'll be
perfectly joyful collectively however once more
have a want to add that punch again to existence
to take all of it a different step up. This
retreat is for you.   Sooner or later, it is
continually you two. Each person else would go
their way but the lasting companionship is the
one together with your associate. For as soon as
depart the children behind and disregard
concerning the work, boss, relatives and
acquaintances. Disappear into the powerful world
Contact Us
Address C-25,Hill top, Opp. Water tank,
Ramnagar, Nagpur-440033 Email Phone
91-9860805616, 91-9422109717
Visit Us
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