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Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count And Male Fertility Fast


This powerpoint presentation describes about natural way to increase sperm count and male fertility fast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count And Male Fertility Fast

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Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Herbal supplements treat the problem of low sperm
count effectively and safely without leaving any
side effects. Herbal supplements cure the problem
by addressing root cause of it rather than just
suppressing the symptoms and the effect of herbs
is natural and safe and according to ones body
chemistry and constitution. Problem of low sperm
count is the biggest cause of male infertility.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Modern lifestyle and eating habits have increased
the instances of this problem to a large extent
and today many males face this problem at an
early age. Other than lifestyle and diet there
are many other reasons which can contribute in
causing the problem of low sperm count, though
herbal supplements can treat all the possible
causes of the problem, yet to quicken the effects
of the treatment one should know other factors
which may bring better results.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Avoid too much intake of alcohol, too much
smoking, spicy food, tight undergarments, long
sitting hours, too much hot water tub bath and
stress. Regular exercises according to ones
capacity, maintaining a gap of three days in
consecutive ejaculations, eating proper and
timely diet and taking proper rest and sleep to
avoid stress are few ways of improving the
results in shorter duration.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Massages of the body and genitals with herbal
oils, increased intake of milk and sweets also
helps to increase sperm count. Amongst herbal
supplements Myristica Fragrans are famous for
their all round effects to treat and alleviate
low sperm count. Myristica Fragrans is known as
adptogenic herb and is treated as a whole food.
It can also treat problems like low sex drive,
depression, fatigue, overweight and muscle loss
to improve overall sexual health of a male.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Myristica Fragrans herb can be taken alone for
treating low sperm count or along with other
herbs. Mucuna pruriens has been used in medicines
for sexual problems since ancient times due to
its properties which can promote production and
secretion of testosterone. Better secretion of
this hormone promotes healthy semen production
and increased sex drive.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Mucuna pruriens herb also provides protein to the
muscles to increase muscle mass, strength and
energy for better sexual performance. Ginseng is
another herb which is used as herbal supplement
and also as an ingredient in the medicines for
similar effects. This herb also stimulates
testosterone secretion and builds and strengthens
muscles for better health and energy levels.
Natural Way To Increase Sperm Count
Saw palmetto is an excellent herbal supplement
for improving prostrate health and treating male
impotence, it has properties of building tissues
and toning glands to strengthen the reproductive
system. Tribulus terresteris is given as sexual
booster as it increases sexual energy and
increase sperm count to treat the problem of low
sperm count.
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Tribulus terresteris herb also treats the
infection of prostrate gland and improves the
immunity system of the body. All of these herbs
can be given according to the cause of low sperm
count in ones body or can be taken as herbal
supplement blended together in Spermac capsules.
These capsules improve overall reproductive
health and cure infertility problem in men.
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