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Retirement insurances are the best investment for olden days


Retirement plans or Pension Plans ensure a financially secure retirement with guarantee monthly income. Retirement plans ensures secure and happy retired life. Click to know more – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Retirement insurances are the best investment for olden days

Retirement insurances are the best investment for
olden days
  • With increased life expectancy, financial
    planning for the retirement days is essential.
    While there are lots of ways to plan your
    retirement fund, the one thing which is required
    is the flexibility because unexpected things are
    likely to happen. A retirement insurance policy
    will provide you with the desired flexibility you
    need and be an important part of your retirement
    fund. Retirement days are the important days of
    life. You have lived life respectfully and do not
    want to run out of money during these days as it
    will be difficult for you to earn money at such
    stage. To prevent this, you should focus on the
    long-term planning and the savings should last
    for two lives that would be yourself and your
    spouse. The plan needs to have a margin for
    safety because it is impossible to gauge what our
    world would be in next two to three decades once
    youve retired. Retirement insurance policy helps
    you protect your retirement by building in a
    back-up plan, to protect yourselves and spouse
    from circumstances we never expected.
  • Apart from offering a life insurance cover, your
    money is invested in various market based funds
    such as equity, debt and mix funds. You can
    co-ordinate with your financial expert and work
    upon the funds so as to create sufficient
    finances for your old-age.
  • The article gives you few essentials risk tips to
    be monitored while choosing a good retirement
    insurance policy

  • Longevity
  • Living long has become possible to a large extent
    due to improved healthcare, better amenities,
    growing lifestyle changes etc but it could also
    increase your expenses in retirement. Researchers
    say that due to improved lifestyle changes and
    fitness awareness, healthy diets and foods the
    average life expectancy for a 65-year-old has
    extended by 15-20 years more. Therefore, your
    planning parameters are slowly shifting into the
    house of 80-90s and needs more focused approach.
  • Inflation
  • Inflation is the major concern across all forms
    of investments. While structuring your retirement
    plan your annual income could be more than double
    over the course of your retirement. For example,
    let's say you need Rs 50,000/- a year in
    retirement. In 25-30 years, if inflation averages
    2.5 a year, you may need more than 100,000 a
    year to maintain the same standard of living. So,
    this has to be dealt properly and well
    incorporated in your earnings for the days post

  • Healthcare costs
  • Although things have improved in terms of
    amenities, diet food, healthy living etc but
    uncertainties can never come knocking at your
    door. It can be anytime unexpected such as a
    critical illness. Therefore, with the ailing age
    your healthcare cost you dearly in retirement.
    You need to keep this important factor in mind
    and create your retirement plan accordingly.
  • Investment Risks
  • Since a part of your fund is invested in the
    markets, there are risks linked to it. Poor
    market performance early in your retirement can
    significantly impact how long your savings will
    last. Therefore, it is important you stay in sync
    with financial expert and understand the market
    movement, projection and forecast to your
    earnings. Strategic fund allocation, fund
    switching when required, taking a proper call on
    aggressive, debt or balanced funds investment and
    options like annuities will help you develop
    retirement income that is not exposed to market

  • Taxes
  • It may sound weird but at times increase in
    taxes, new types of taxes, evolving healthcare
    reform, or changes in programmes like social
    security, medicare, and medicaid can have a
    significant impact on your income in retirement.
    Though shifts in tax structures are out of your
    control, you can still help yourself by creating
    a strategy to counter these situations and save
    money for your long-term goals.
  • By taking a realistic approach for your
    Retirement Fund and accounting for some of these
    risk factors mentioned you can ensure that your
    retirement life is not only happy but can be
    lived with pride and dignity.

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