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External Business Environment


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Title: External Business Environment

External Business Environment
  • Organisation operating in a country gets
    influenced by the number of factors such as
    political, economic, social, technological and
    environmental. Organisation operates accordingly
    under the influence of the socio- economic
    changes for the development of commercial

Structure and operations of UK economy
  • Size UK is the fifth largest national economy
    of the world thereby accounted as growing economy
    for the fastest growing industry for
    consecutively three years. With approximately 78
    of share in service industries, UK has become a
    service based nation which is running
    significantly in fields such as education,
    hospitality, financial services and real estate.
  • Taxation Taxation in country holds the
    considerable share in procuring revenue from
    people. It is processed at two levels central
    and local government. Major sources of revenue
    are income tax, national insurance value added
    tax, corporation tax, business rates and council
  • Employees Pioneering the use of advanced
    technology in each sector, UK has the wide stream
    of efficient and capable workforce with the
    specialization in their respective fields.

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Strategies to find appropriate solutions
  •     In the prevailing economic condition, Hotel
    Marriott has large scope of expansion and
    profitability. Under the influence of existing
    environment and situation, this group caters to
    consolidate large number of customers and trading
    partners to widen the horizons of its working
    (Liao, Chuang and To, 2011). With the aim to
    provide outstanding services and quality
    products, it adopts pragmatic approaches and use
    of suitable strategies such as hiring eligible
    employees in the organization, minimizing cost,
    adopting rational approach towards profit
    maximization by undergoing complete analysis of
    company and its existing scenario.

Current economic policyand its effect
  • Set of new fiscal rules balances the debt and
    deficits in the country and encourages
    profitability of the organizations operating in
    hospitality industry.
  • Prevailing interest rates and bank rates attract
    large investments to the sector with the
    expectation of high profit margins (Shaw, Grant
    and Mangan, 2010).
  • High value of pound sterling in the economy
    enables the Hotel group to hire efficient workers
    and employees from around the globe due to its
    economical nature.
  • British investment bank remedies the need of
    infrastructural investments and capital needs.
    Ease of procedures and processes, business
    entities are able to invest more in the section
    due to lower degree of risk and failure.
  • Economic policy of the Government and other
    legislative bodies enables the organization to
    deal with the employees related issues such as
    their salary, wages, bonuses and others in
    efficient manner and complies the hotel group to
    abide with them (Trkman, 2010).

Income, employment and occupational distribution
in relation to the provision of business and
  • Occupational Hospitality industry works in an
    integrated manner with the inculcation of several
    components in it. This sector is segmented into
    parts such as its service user, service
    providers, patrons and workers. Tour groups,
    travel agents and other agencies are the
    organizations that form the base of industry on
    which it as a whole stands (Legal framework,
    2016). Staff and employees in operational
    management of these firms are workers who are
    directly linked to the customers. Patrons or
    travelers are the service users. They avail the
    benefit of all the facilities and entertainment
    options that are provided by the service
  • Income Distribution of income in the industry
    plays a vital role in the sector. Special
    consideration is kept by the organization with
    respect to the need and preferences of the users
    and accordingly services are provided. For
    instance, different packages are offered as per
    the budget, services are differently accommodated
    to the economical class and elites.
  • Employment Industry running in the integrated
    manner comprises various services such as
    accommodation, entertainment, food, financial
    services and other. For that purposes, employee
    distribution is done accordingly as per the
    proficiency and the functional areas.

Appropriate findings
  • Income and wealth share of hospitality industry
    in UK's GDP is of about 10 along with the 14 of
    the total employment. Considerable share is spent
    on the consumer goods and services by the supply
    chain management (Wang, Chen and Chen, 2012).
    Further, to provide the personalized and
    thoughtful services to the customers, eligible
    employees are hired that is 755,000 jobs are
    there across UK in this industry.

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Demographic patterns that influences employment
patterns in hospitality industry
  • Demography of country is stated in terms of
    factors such as age, educational background,
    gender, marital status and other related aspects.
    Seeking the precise analysis of factors affecting
    employment patterns of hospitality industry, it
    accounts significant relevance of demographic
    patterns prevailing in the country.  On similar
    account, following inferences can be made
  • Educational background With varied educational
    backgrounds and functional areas, employees are
    appointed as per their strengths and core areas.
    Training programs and development sessions are
  • Cultural backgrounds In the recent times, no
    workforce is homogeneous in nature. Organization
    appoints eligible employees from varied sections
    of the world having different cultural, economic
    and religious backgrounds (Al-Debei and Avison,
    2010). Hotel Marriott is a leading chain of
    hotels established in different countries. The
    group brings adaptability for the employees and
    staff with the culture and work. Diversity in
    employees leads to the adoption of cross
    leadership management by the senior management.

Appropriate methods and techniques
  • Diverse and heterogeneous workforce will be
    managed by the efficient senior management. It
    can be processed by appointing separate team of
    expertise and specialist professionals. The
    recruitment and selection process is made to hire
    the most capable employees in the organization
    who foster the growth and development of Hotel
    group (Boons and Lüdeke-Freund, 2013).
  • Further, after appointment, it is imperative to
    conduct training and development sessions in the
    form of apprenticeships, conferences, seminars to
    enhance their skills and talents. Organizing
    counseling and mentoring of employees to address
    their issues with respect to work and their
    diversity helps to deal with different
    demographic patterns.

Social structure of people employed in UK hotel
  • Management class
  •                       Management class is the
    elite section of the organization which comprises
    of senior most members. In the higher hierarchy,
    there is a CEO of the organization under which
    all the functions are performed under
    supervision. Hotel group is segmented into
    departments such as human resource, finance,
    marketing, food service operations and others
    (Drori and Honig, 2013). There is the board of
    directors who are responsible for the formulation
    of strategies and policies on which the
    organization is entitled to work and serve its
    customers. After that, each department is headed
    by senior managers who supervise all the
    subordinates for the accomplishment of goals and
  •   Working class
  •                       It comprises the executing
    team which implements all the tasks and
    assignments given by the senior management. These
    are the employees who are directly connected to
    the customers. It has both skilled and unskilled
    labor. Skilled labor refers to the assistant
    managers, it specialists, receptionists, safety
    and security managers and others whereas
    unskilled workers are the office workers, low
    paid workers etc (Lee, 2011).

  • From the present study it can be stated that the
    fifth largest economy of the world UK has
    different sections such as taxations, employment,
    policies and legal aspects that affect the
    working of organisation.

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