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Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies To Reduce Blood Glucose Levels


This powerpoint presentation describes about natural type-2 diabetes remedies to reduce blood glucose levels. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies To Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

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Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
Recent studies on diabetes show the spending on
insulin has tripled in the last 11 years. Another
study found the risk of diabetes increases with
obesity causing high blood pressure high blood
sugar and cholesterol, which raises the risk of
heart attack. Gut reaction as well as endocrine
flow play a significant role in raising risk of
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
Some chemicals released by glands are essential
for glucose metabolism, while, the research in
this area clearly states - the condition of
diabetes show a dysfunction of the neural
circuits inside the brain, which can be corrected
by repairing the neural circuits regulating the
peripheral tissues. One need to reduce blood
glucose levels by controlling the glucose take up
by body to check how fast it metabolizes.
Diabec Capsules
Natural type-2 diabetes remedies like Diabec
capsules can provide easy ways to regulate it.
Basically, food intake and body weight change
have direct link to the changes in blood sugar
levels. About 35 percent of adults in US and
one-third of children are obese or overweight
that raises a number of health risks.
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
Gut health has been the main thing in Ayurveda,
and most of the health factors are linked to poor
food intake which affects the metabolic
functions. In recent years, the mainstream system
of medicine is also working on the field of
microbiome - that is linked to obesity. It
contains hundreds of trillion of microbial cells
influencing the immune, nutrition and metabolic
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
The disruption in the microbiome is believed to
be linked to gastrointestinal conditions -
causing IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, auto
immune disorder and a number of other medical
conditions such as type-2 diabetes. Some of the
popular ways to reduce blood glucose levels have
long term health risks and the cure for diabetes
may not have the power to restore cholesterol,
triglycerides and immune disorders.
Ingredients In Diabec Capsules
Diabec capsules can reduce blood glucose levels
and restore various metabolic parameters. The
natural type-2 diabetes remedies, Diabec capsules
contain extracts of medicinal trees such as
Gymnema Sylvestre which is not just effective in
reducing diabetes but can help in controlling
obesity. The leaf extract helps in stimulating
pancreas to increase insulin release.
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
The compound in Gymnema Sylvestre was studied in
laboratory and tested on laboratory animals where
it was able to increase fecal excretion of
cholesterol and was helpful in treating
hypercholesterolemia. The compound in the leaf
extracts works as cough suppressant and
laxatives. It is also helpful in inhibiting sweet
taste sensation and promotes the regeneration of
islet cells. It increases the activities of
enzymes that inhibit glucose absorption in
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
One of the key problems in diabetic people is the
rise in inability of insulin to enter body cells
then again, the intake of the herbal extract can
help insulin to enter body cells. Gymnemic acid
is one of the components in Gymnema which can
lower triglycerides and serum cholesterol. It can
curb carbohydrate binding in the intestine.
Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies
Gymnema is sold in the form of Gymnema tea to
cure obesity in South Asia and even its chewing
gum can prevent obesity and diabetes. The
presence of Terminalia Arjuna in the cure reduces
cardiac risks and other herbs can improve brain
power as well.
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