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What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes?


This powerpoint presentation describes about what are the causes and symptoms of pre-diabetes. You can find more detail about Diabkil capsule at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes?

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes?
Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Diabetes is potentially preventable by changing
    your diet and being more active. Risk factors and
    bad habits once acquired may not be easy to
    reverse but gradually boosting your fitness,
    metabolism and regular use of safe herbal
    supplements like Ayurved Research Foundations
    Diabkil capsules, can delay the onset or
    absolutely cut down the risks of diabetes.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Stress can have a direct impact on your health
    leading to obesity, BP, cardiac problems and
    diabetes - the silent killer. Try preventives
    and natural therapies like sandalwood / lavender
    oil in your bath / soak / last wash,10-15 minutes
    of deep breathing exercises for the added supply
    of oxygen which in turn helps release feel-good
    hormones, daily yogasanas like salamba savasana
    or virasana etc. to ward off the perils of

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Hormones produced by pregnancy-related factors
    and the placenta trigger insulin resistance in
    women during their late pregnancy stages thus
    increasing the quantity of insulin required to
    control blood sugar levels.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • If the beta cell dysfunction of the pancreas does
    not produce enough insulin, gestational diabetes
    sets in. Women with gestational diabetes are 35
    to 60 more likely to develop type 2 diabetes 3
    to 20 years after delivery and should be
    persistently tested for pre-diabetes 6 to 10
    weeks post-delivery and every 2 years thereafter.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Inherited genetic mutations predispose
    individuals to diabetes as is evident from its
    higher rate of occurrence in people with
    klinefelter syndrome, down syndrome, turner
    syndrome, hemochromatosis, cystic fibrosis etc.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Other occasional but feasible causes of
    pre-diabetes include Pancreatitis, trauma, cancer
    all harming the beta cells of the pancreas or
    impairing insulin production and causing
    diabetes. Endocrine Diseases like cushings
    syndrome, acromegaly, glucagonoma (rare tumor of
    pancreas), hyperthyroidism also cause elevated
    blood sugar levels.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • According to UK researchers, after analyzing 22
    studies involving thousands of patients on
    anti-depressants, people who take
    anti-depressants are at increased risk of type 2
    diabetes. The reason may be the weight gain in
    people taking anti-depressants as reported in
    Diabetes Journal.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • Scientists opines the medicines may be an
    independent risk factor with long-term side
    effects, themselves interfering with blood sugar
    control. Doctors should keep a closer check for
    early warning signs of pre-diabetes in patients
    who have been prescribed these drugs. Certain
    viruses often inducing susceptibility to type
    1diabetes are coxsackievirus B, adenovirus,
    cytomegalovirus, rubella and mumps.

Diabkil Capsules
  • Binging on plentiful high-calorie foods leaves a
    person more vulnerable to pre-diabetes.
    Relentless research by its manufacturer has led
    to the advent of Diabkil capsules in the
    alternative medicine and natural supplementation
    forefront, to rectify complicated mechanisms
    which damage the beta cells, thus preventing
    various kinds of this dreaded disorder and
    improving its treatment.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • High blood sugar is like a soda pill on a
    countertop. It permits plaque-forming material to
    fasten more easily to artery walls. Its also one
    of the symptoms of pre-diabetes, which doubles
    your risk of heart disease or stroke.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes
  • High blood sugar leads to symptoms of
    complications such as excessive thirst or hunger,
    chronic fatigue, vision loss, headaches,
    increased susceptibility to diseases, dental
    disease, aging, pregnancy problems, muscle or
    joint pain and inflammation, depression,
    palpitation etc.

Diabkil Capsules
  • Though not certain what exactly among these
    contributing factors starts the pre-diabetes
    processes, symptoms of the full-fledged disease
    develop gradually and sometimes go unnoticed due
    to their subtleness. However, regular intake of
    Diabkil capsules before heavy meals daily can
    reduce the drug-dependency of the pancreas,
    control sugar level fluctuations and prevent the
    progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes.

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