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SAP SD Training in Chennai Demo Part-1


Get the best SAP SD Training in Chennai from the experienced professionals who provide you the real time and live projects Scenarios SAP SD Training in Chennai – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAP SD Training in Chennai Demo Part-1

SAP SD Training in Chennai DEMO Part-1
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Introduction to SAP SD
  • The SAP SD module is one of the primary ERP
    module developed by SAP. SAPservice and
    distribution deals in better management of sales
    and customer distribution data and processes in
    organizations. It works closely with
    other SAPmodules towards effective process work

Create Customer Master
  • Background
  • Customer Master is Primary master data in SAP SD.
    To create Customer Master we need Account
    Group. Account GroupAccount Group
    is accumulation of similar accounts. The master
    records in the customer hierarchy are controlled
    by their account groups.

  • It determines Optional, Mandatory and Not
    Requires information for Customer.
  • Partner Functions is also linked with Account
  • Account Group defines the way, numbers are
    assigned to customer.
  • T-Code for Create Customer master - FD01 / XD01 /
  •    FD01- Company code level data  will be
    stored in tables KNA1 and KNB1.

  • XD01- Include sales area data will be stored
    in tables KNA1, KNB1 and KNVV (With company code
  •    VD01 - Include sales area data will be
    stored in tables KNA1, KNB1 and KNVV (w/o Company
    code data).
  • We will use here XD01 for Customer Master

  • Step 1 - Enter T-Code XD01 in Command field.
  • Step 2 - Enter the detail in Address Tab screen
    as below-
  • Enter the title and name of customer.
  • Enter search term, for searching customer.
  • Enter Street / House Number.
  • Enter District / Postal code / City / Country /

  •   Step - 3 - Enter Data in Control Data Tab
    Screen Field
  • Enter Tax Number
  • Step -4 - Enter Data on Payment Transactions tab.
  • Click on the Payment Transaction tab.
  • Enter Bank City / Bank Key / Bank Account /
    Account Holder Name.
  • To enter more detail about bank, click on Bank
    Data Button.

  • After Click on Bank data Button ,below screen
  •  Enter bank name / region
  •  Enter City
  • Enter  Swift Code
  • Click on Tick Button.
  • Step-5 - Enter sales area data-
  • Click on sales area button on application tool
  • Enter Customer pricing procedure / Shipping data
    / Partner functions.

  • Step - 6 - Save the record.
  •      Click on Save Button.
  •   Customer Will be created with Customer number.

Creating Customer Number Ranges
  • Step -1 Customer Number Range and Assignment
  •   Enter T-Code XDN1 in command bar and press
  • Step-2
  • We now create Customer Number Ranges. Click on
    Intervals Create Button.

  •  Step - 3
  • A screen name Maintain Number Range Intervals
  • Click on  Interval  Button.
  •  Step - 4  
  • Screens as below appear.
  • Give the number range.
  • Click on save button.
  •   A message display "The changes were saved".

Assigning Number Change to Customer Account Group
  • Step - 5 Assign Number Range to Customer Accounts
  • Enter T-Code -OBAR in Command Bar.
  • Assign Number range to Customer Account Group.
  • Save the screen.
  • A message display "The changes were saved".

Creating Partner Function
  • What is Partner Function?
  • Partner   function is two-character
    identification key that describes the people and
    organization with whom you do the business, and
    who are therefore involved in transaction. Here
    is some standard Partner Function for customer-
  • Sold-to party
  • Ship-to party
  • Bill-to party
  • Payer

  • Partner Determination
  • The Partner and business partner term in SAP SD
    refers to parties with whom you do business. Each
    business partner has specific role. E.g. Sold-to
    party - Business Partner who order the goods /
    Services. The Partner Determination can be done
    in three steps-
  • Define Partner Function
  • Create Partner Determination procedure by
    grouping Partner function.

  • Assign the partner determination procedure to
    respective partner object.
  • Step 1 - Define Partner Function 
  • Enter T-Code VOPAN in Command Bar.
  • Select Customer Master Partner Object
  • Click on Change Button, Partner Determination
    Procedure Screen appear.

  • Click On New Entries Button.
  • Enter Partner Determination Procedure and name.
  • Double click on Partner Function node - Screen as
    below appear.
  • Click on New Entries  Button.
  • Enter Partner Function Detail

  • Step 2 - Partner Determination procedure by
    grouping Partner function.
  • Click on Partner Function in procedure node.
  • Enter Partner Det. Procedure / Partner function /
  •  Step 3 - Assign the partner determination
    procedure to respective partner object. We are
    creating partner function for customer, so here
    partner object is customer and assign to Account

  • Click on Account groups - Function Node and click
    on New entries Button.
  • Enter Partner function / Name / Account Group /
  • Click on Save Button   to save  partner Function. 

How to Create Material Stock
  • Their are more then one Tcode for create Material
    Stock .
  • MB1C ( Other Goods Receipts) for opening balance
    creation of material.
  • MIGO (used for Issue / Transfer / Receipt of
  • We use here MB1C  Tcode to Create Material Stock
    as opening balance.

  • Step-1.
  • Enter Tcode MB1C in command field.
  • Enter Movement Type 561 , Plant  Storage
  • click Enter Button.
  • Step-2
  • After enter on above screen ,item screen as below
  • Enter Material code for which we need to create

  • Enter Quantity of material for stock  creation.
  • Step-3
  • click  on save button .
  • A message "Document 5000021944 posted" displayed.

How to Create Customer Material Info Record
  • Sometimes, customer refers to a material with a
    layman name(rather than technical name) in
    purchase order .Hence there is a  need to map
    customer material name with our material code,
    this process is called  Customer Material Info
  • T-Code is     - VD51 (Create) / VD52 (Change) /
    VD53 (Display)

  • Step-1
  •  Enter T-Code VD51 in command bar .
  • Enter customer code /  sales organization /
    distribution channel.
  • Press Enter Button,a next screen will appear.
  • Step-2
  •  Enter material no.  and customer material .
  •  Click on Save Button.
  • A Message " Customer-Material info was saved".

How to get Overview of Material Stock
  • We can get stock overview of a particular
    material across various organization levels by
    T-Code MMBE.Step-1
  •  Enter T-Code in Command bar MMBE.
  •  Enter Material No .
  •  Select display level for which we want to see
    stock overview.
  • Click on execute Button .

  • Step-2Output will be displayed as below-
  • Stock overview for material 9554 is displayed.
  • Stock at Company /Plant / storage location is
    displayed. By double clicking each level we can
    see stock overview at that level.
  • Similarly we can get stock overview at  plant /
    storage location after double-click on plant /
    storage level.

Create Material Master for Sales View
  • Purpose This procedure is used to manually
    create material master for different view. Here
    sales view is used -
  • Step - 1
  • In T-Code MM01 "Create Material"
  •   Enter industry sector and material type.
  •   Click on Select View(s) Button. A pop window
    appears. In pop window, select view for which
    material to be created and click on check button.

  • Step 2
  • Now a screen appear  for all view(w) in Tab
  •  Select Basic Data1 tab.
  •  Enter material description.
  •  Enter Base Unite of Measure.
  •  Enter material group.
  •  Enter division.

  • Step-3
  •  Select Sales org 1 Tab screen.
  •   Base unit of measure will display.
  •  Enter Sales unit.
  •  A pop window appear for Conv. factors,enter
    Conv. factors.
  •  Material group is displayed.

  • Step -4
  •  Select Sales General / Plant tab screen.
  •  Enter Transporter group.
  •  Enter Loading group.
  • Step-5
  • click on tab list Icon.
  • a list of all tab appear ,select costing tab2
    from list.
  • 1. Enter valuation class for material by
    selection view.

  • Step - 6
  • Click on save button. A message "Material 9554

  • In this Presentation I have given introduction of
    SAP SD and explained about the Customer Master
    and Material Master data. Further topics will be
    explained in the next Presentation.
  • If you want to join in the training with us then
    Contact us8122241286
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