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Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage Problem In Men


This power point presentation discibes about natural remedies for semen leakage problem in men – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage Problem In Men

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Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Involuntary discharge of semen during or after
urination, bowel movement, on slight arousal or
during any activity exerting pressure on lower
abdomen is referred as semen leakage. It is
considered as serious sexual disorder and also a
sign of sexual exhaustion in males. Due to semen
discharge many other types of problems arise and
disrupt a male's love life completely.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Semen discharge is not only harmful for sexual
health but also for overall health as it can
increase chances of frequent urinary infections
and can damage the urinary passage. Due to semen
leakage a male loses his self-confidence as lover
and also his interest in lovemaking activity
reduces drastically. It can give rise to problems
of fatigue, stress, cramps in pelvic cavity and
constant pain in reproductive organs or lower
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Male's reproductive system has been designed to
discharge some quantity of fluids when a male is
aroused but males suffering with the problem of
semen discharge may find too much discharge on
arousal which is a symptom of the problem. Early
ejaculation during lovemaking activity signifies
weakening of nerves which can also give rise to
the problem of semen leakage.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Thick whitish discharge after urination or
burning sensation during urination is also a
symptom of semen discharge. Thinning of urine
stream and difficulty in passing out urine can be
caused by other reasons too but are also symptoms
of this problem.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Some males ejaculate semen during bowel movement
or while sitting down or during any movement
which puts some pressure on reproductive organs,
this is not only a symptom but also a clear sign
of aggravation of the problem. Weak nerves of
reproductive system of a male are the main cause
of semen discharge.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Parasympathetic nerve is responsible for keeping
semen locked during normal state and also during
arousal for sufficient duration. In order to keep
semen locked this nerve requires constant charge
to stay active and healthy. In absence of energy
this nerve allows semen to flow out easily
causing the problem of semen leakage.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Bad habits like masturbation, too much sexual
activity, stress, side effects of medicines, and
ill-effects of diseases are commonly found causes
for weak nerves of the reproductive system and
giving rise to sexual disorders like semen
leakage. Lethargic lifestyle, obesity, surgeries
and treatment involving radiations or
chemotherapy are also harmful for nerves of the
body and can initiate sexual disorders.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
By taking proper and healthy diet a male can cure
the problem of semen leakage by strengthening his
nerves, PC muscles and tissues of the
reproductive system. Zinc rich foods are
extremely beneficial and increased intake of such
food items strengthen nerves and relieve internal
organs effectively.
Natural Remedies For Semen Leakage
Some of the foods rich in zinc are oysters, wheat
germ, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sesame, cashews and
almonds, these food items shall be consumed more
for curing semen leakage. Green leafy vegetables
and fruits like banana, peaches, mango and apples
are also beneficial, yoghurt, milk and cheese
also form very helpful diet for curing semen
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