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Natural Remedies For Male Infertility To Improve Sperm Count


This powerpoint presentation describes about natural remedies for male infertility to improve sperm count. You can find more detail about Spermac Capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Natural Remedies For Male Infertility To Improve Sperm Count

Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Male infertility is a situation where a male is
unable to impregnate a fertile woman due to poor
quality of semen and disorders. Disorders in the
reproductive system of males cause production of
poor quality semen which does not contain live
and active sperms to fertilize a woman's egg.
This is the biggest cause of infertility in
couples and accounts for nearly 40 to 50 percent
of total cases.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Lifestyle related issues and physical causes
mainly lead to male infertility, testis are
responsible to produce sperms which are
responsible for impregnating a woman,
pre-testicular causes and post testicular causes
give rise to most of the physical reasons leading
to male infertility. If a male's partner does not
conceive even after trying for more than 3 months
and if she is capable of producing a child than
it is a clear symptom of male infertility.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
However there is large number of percentage of
couples unable to produce a child due to factors
which are related to both of them. Nearly 30 of
infertility cases occur due to male infertility
and 30 due to female infertility, rest of the
other cases are due to combination of male and
female factors. Any disorder or ailment raising
temperature of the body can cause harm to healthy
sperm production.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
There are various diseases, lifestyle related
issues and conditions which can cause
infertility. Some commonly found reasons are
diseases like diabetes which can damage nerves,
hypothyroidism or hypogonadism causing hormonal
imbalance hindering healthy sperm production,
varicocele which forms enlarged veins inside
scortum, undescended testis and testicular
torsion which cuts-off blood supply to testis
stopping sperm production.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Treatments including radiation therapy or
chemotherapy can seriously harm sperm production
to cause low sperm count or lesser sperm motility
to cause male infertility. Street medicines, too
much alcohol intake, exposure to heavy metals,
excessive tobacco consumption through smoking or
chewing, regular hot tub baths, environmental
pollutants entering into body through breathing
or water and sexual problems like ED or PE can
cause low sperm count to promote male infertility.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Prostatis, distressed liver or weak liver,
problems related to kidneys, urinary problems,
genital herpes and regular urinary tract
infections also harm healthy sperm production to
cause male infertility. Foods which are rich in
anti-oxidants are extremely beneficial for
improving male fertility.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Ginger, garlic, onion and carrot are famous food
items which are rich sources of anti-oxidants and
promote healthy blood flow to all parts of the
body including testis and other reproductive
organs for healthy sperm production.
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Oranges, beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,
whole grain, fish, poultry and almonds are very
useful in supplementing essential nutrient like
zinc which improves healthy sperm production and
also provides higher sperm motility to cure male
Natural Remedies For Male Infertility
Avoiding hot tub baths, reducing caffeine intake,
completely avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking
and spicy, refined and processed foods helps in
curing male infertility. Consumption of
sufficient quantity of water during day keeps
urinary system healthy and is also good for
preventing factors responsible for poor sperm
Spermac Capsule
Regular exercises of any type particularly
cardio-vascular exercises are very good for over
all health and also to prevent and cure male
infertility due to poor health of reproductive
system. Spermac capsule is one of the recommended
natural remedies for male infertility to improve
sperm count.
Spermac Capsule
It also boosts physical health and revitalizes
male reproductive organs. It increases supply of
essential nutrients and vitamins to reproductive
organs. It boosts physical health and improves
sensation in genitals. You are advised to consume
these herbal pills for 3 to 4 months regularly to
cure low sperm count and enjoy enhanced semen
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