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Benefits of Meditation


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Title: Benefits of Meditation

Meditation Tips
  • Benefits of Meditation

  • Benefits of Meditation for the Body
  • Medical doctors have documented the harmful
    effects of stress on our physical health. During
    meditation our body is relaxed and our stress and
    tensions are relieved. Studies show that in
    meditation brain waves function at a frequency of
    410 hertz, giving us a sensation of peace and
    total relaxation. These states have been proven
    to help the body in many ways, including improved
    sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, enhanced
    immune and digestive systems, and a reduced
    sensation of pain. When we practice Jyoti and Shab
    d Meditation Tips, these benefits come as a
    natural by-product.

  • Benefits of Meditation for the Mind
  • During the day our mind is filled with
    thoughts. When we sit for meditation and focus
    our attention at the seat of the soul, the third
    eye, we begin to quiet the mind. We become at
    peace with ourselves and are not bothered by the
    problems around us. By meditating regularly, we
    develop sustained concentration. This increase in
    concentration coupled with reduced stress and
    tension, renewed energy, and improved
    relationships, helps us achieve success in our
    worldly activities. We become more efficient and
    productive and are better equipped to deal with
    lifes challenges

  • Benefits of Meditation for the Soul
  • Jyoti and Shabd meditation practices are
    unique. They benefit not only the body and mind,
    but the soul as well. Our soul, a part of God,
    has been separated from God, its divine Source.
    Through Shabd meditation we can return to our
    true Home. As we connect with the powerful
    current of Light and Sound within us, it empowers
    our soul and we rise into dimensions of higher
    consciousness. The empowered soul is our true
    nature and a tremendous source of wisdom, love,
    and power. This is a purely spiritual experience.
    Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj encourages us to
    meditate regularly. He knows that by focusing our
    attention within we are able to experience the
    inner realms and connect with God, fulfilling the
    true purpose of our existence.

  • Benefits of Meditation for World Peace
  • With regular meditation practice, we come to
    see each living thing as a part of God. This is a
    profound realization that brings about a
    fundamental change in the way we live. We begin
    to love all people equally and consider them part
    of our own family. A great transformation takes
    place in us, and we radiate love and compassion.
    If each person attains inner peace through
    Meditation Tips and develops love for all, it
    will not be long before peace prevails on our
    planet. We will live in unity and harmony with
    each other. In this way, our personal attainment
    of peace and happiness will contribute to a
    golden age of peace and happiness on earth.

  • Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says Within us is
    a divine spirit from which our intelligence and
    wisdom is derived. The process of accessing that
    inner divine spirit, intelligence, and wisdom is
    called meditation if we transform knowledge to
    wisdom by meditating and experiencing the driving
    force behind all existence, then we have the key
    to human unity. This experience will transform
    our individual life and the lives of those around
    us. These individual transformations will
    ultimately bring unity and peace at the
    community, national, and global levels.

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