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8 Top Office Design Trends For 2016 : Recommended By Experts In The Field


The office interior design should always be appealing and warm, and best interior designers can make that possible in every way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 Top Office Design Trends For 2016 : Recommended By Experts In The Field

Top 8 Office Design Trends For 2016
  • The work places need to be flexible for the
    workers so that they inhabit the area and have
    easy promoting movement all over. Although many
    new companies are doing great by incorporating
    all these miniscule elements to the office
    interior design, some more things have to be
  • There are many fascinating ways through which one
    can improve the office design and appeal each and
    every person entering into the space.
  • Let us have a quick look at some of the easy yet
    effective tips to make your office space look

Top designs to enhance office spaces
  • 1 Say No to huge and private offices
  • Image an office space where every employee is
    given a workstation, and wholly it builds into a
    huge chain formation. Rather than this, the
    office can have conference room in the centre,
    surrounded by the work stations in an open form.
    The employees can be close by and share talks
    while working eliminating the boredom.
  • 2 Open spaces all over
  • Having open green areas with couches and resting
    chairs can bring a new touch to the overall
    space. It will revive the mood of the employees
    and motivates then further.

  • 3 Lighting is a must
  • Natural as well as artificial light is important
    at every work place. It is a fact the about 15
    absenteeism is reduced with bright lights in the
    work places. As per different studies, the
    productivity improved from about 2.8 to about
    20. So, if your office looks dull, then add
    lights at every corner.
  • 4 Activity settings
  • The work nature is complex and exhausting,
    therefore the office interior design should have
    activity setting where employees can de-stress
    themselves. These break areas can be built
    anywhere in the office, and they can be small or

  • 5 Multiple spaces for work
  • Instead of having the same old cabin like
    structure, having multi spaces with sofas,
    couches, chairs and tables and low height
    furniture will bring a uniqueness to the entire
    office environment.
  • 6 Color craze
  • To have an office space organized, there should
    be a color play. Vibrant colors in the office
    space will boost creativity, productivity and
    happiness among the employees. Exciting
    complimenting colors in any way can be used, and
    there are no restrictions nowadays.

  • 7 Combination of textures
  • Making use of varied styled of materials and
    equipment will improve productivity and wellness
    of the office space. Textures are self inspiring,
    today and forever.
  • 8 Snack/brunch spaces
  • A healthy mind will result in healthy work.
    Having a space for eating and gossiping can be an
    interesting area in any office.

  • If your office misses out anything from the
    aforementioned office interior design, then do
    incorporate any of them and know how positive the
    result is.

  • Make a strong design statement with creative
    corporate office interiors.
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