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Title: eCom Conversions review demo & BIG bonuses pack

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  • eCom Conversions How To Make Facebook Ads
    Return You More Money
  • eCom Conversions is an advanced conversion rate
    optimization system created by world-class CRO
    Consultant Bradley Long and is unlike anything
    youve ever seen before.
  • eCom Conversions Overview
  • Homepage eCom Conversions Official Site
  • Product Name eCom Conversions
  • Type of Product Advanced Training Course
  • Authors Bradley Long
  • Target niche CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization
    Advanced Techniques), this 5-step system shows
    you how to boost your conversion rate by up to
  • Official Price 497
  • Special Offer No! Bradley is absolutely
    confident in this course.
  • Bonuses EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the
    bonus packs in below
  • GIANT Bonuses Pack 1
  • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2
  • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3
  • HUGE Bonuses Pack 4
  • MEGA Bonuses Pack 5

If youre spending money on Facebook ads (or any
other type of paid ads), you know how painful it
can be when you think you have a winning product
that just doesnt seem to bring you the windfall
ROI you were hoping. And a big part of why your
ROI isnt happening is often because your site
isnt checking all the boxes in terms of
conversions. Even though they like your product
and are even clicking through to your store,
your visitors just arent feeling it and they
disappear without a trace. And thats where eCom
Conversions comes in Its an advanced
conversion rate optimization system created by
world- class CRO Consultant Bradley Long and is
unlike anything youve ever seen before. This
groundbreaking training is ideal for intermediate
and advanced Shopify store owners. It teaches
how to get double and triple-digit improvements
in conversion rate using a unique 5-step
process. Your buyers will also learn how to
accurately run a split-test so they can measure
to the penny the improvements they make. If your
list have previously bought Shopify trainings
through you, this is the next logical step for
them to take things to the next level! An
easy-to-follow system that shows you how to get
inside the heads of your stores visitors and
understand whats stopping them from
purchasing. And once you know whats killing
your conversions, it shows you how to easily fix
and increase your conversions with dozens of
examples from high-converting stores.
And best of all, it shows you how to accurately
run your own split-tests to measure the
improvements to the penny. (No one else is
teaching this correctly for Shopify.)
  • How Does eCom Conversions Work?
  • What Will You Learn With eCom Conversions?
  • How to use the handful of tools youll need to
    gather visitor feedback.
  • The four most revealing questions to ask to
    uncover your prospects objections.
  • The sneaky trick to finding out exactly what
    visitors think of your competitors sites.
  • Secret to generating a cavalcade of conversion
    boosting split-test ideas.
  • 15 quick, conversion multipliers that will work
    on near-any online store.
  • If your visitors have price objections, what
    strategies to use to quickly dissolve them.
  • What to say to persuade your visitors to buy from
  • How to prioritize your split-test ideas for the
    quickest impact on your bottom-line.
  • The fastest, easiest way to setup a split-test
    and have it running in under 5 minutes.
  • The 3 most important factors in determining when
    to conclude a split-test.
  • and so much more.
  • What Will You Get With eCom Conversions?
  • eCom Conversions Secret 1 Adopt The
    Conversion Masters Mindset

As well as covering all the basics about how to
setup a split-test, this fast- start module
gives your business new light through old
windows. Youll start to see your entire business
as a constantly shifting experiment and youll
quickly stop deliberating over what will and
wont work. Your decisions wont be a gamble
anymore. Youll put your customers in charge, so
to speak. (On top of this, theres a fantastic
side effect, in the age of social media,
companies that put their customers first tend to
thrive.) This game-changing mindset-shift stops
you wasting money on the endless changes youve
been making to your website that you have no idea
whether theyre helping or hindering your
conversion. Not only that, but your internal
processes will be streamlined by following this
simple system for creating split-tests. No more
lengthy and expensive website redesigns, your
websites design will be an evolution of winning
split-test designs. eCom Conversions Secret 2
Find the Leaks in Your Bucket
This easy-to-follow module highlights your
biggest testing opportunities by showing you
precisely how to drill into your Google Analytics
(even if youre completely new to them) and see
how visitors flow through your site. What you get
from this is a quick snapshot of how visitors
arrive at your site and where they came from.
Youll be able to see exactly where your visitors
are dropping-off in frustration or looping back
to other pages in confusion. This may sound like
a lot of work but you wont be spending long in
your Analytics account. Once youve gleaned this
valuable information and sketched out your
entire conversion funnel as a simple flow diagram
(this can literally be on the back of a napkin),
it becomes your roadmap that pinpoints the pages
to focus your split-testing on. eCom
Conversions Secret 3 Find Out Why Your
Visitors Arent Converting
For the most part, the reason why your visitors
arent converting isnt apparent to you. But the
truth is, youre surrounded by simple obvious
solutions and opportunities that can dramatically
increase your income. The problem is that you
just dont see themyet. Not only that but, many
store owners simply expect their visitors to
notice the shipping costs or easily find the
answers to the myriad of questions going through
their prospects minds, its all there on the
website. eCom Conversions Secret 4 What to
Split-Test to Get Double Treble-Digit
So-called best practices dont work because
they are not directly connected to the specific
problem YOUR visitors are having with YOUR
website. Because of this, your split-test ideas
should be based on overcoming your visitors
objections or fixing the usability breakdowns
that youve garnered from your visitors
feedback. eCom Conversions gives you a full
module on pricing strategies alone. Everything
is covered from reshaping your offers to
demonstrating the full value of your
product(s). eCom Conversions Secret 5
Leveraging The "Conversion Multipliers"
After running hundreds of tests on dozens of
stores (some winners and a lot of losers),
Bradley realized that there are 15 high leverage
points on any store that when you pull the
lever, they produce results. He calls these 15
levers "Conversion Multipliers" and the eCom
Conversions training has a module dedicated to
each. Once you implement what he shows you and
pull the levers, it's like a one- armed-bandit
that's rigged in your favor! eCom Conversions
Secret 6 The "Make-It-Easy" Approach to
Online Persuasion
The "Web Shoppers' Checklist" module ensures you
generate off-the-chart results by knowing
exactly what to say and do to check every box.
Key Benefit 1 Walk Away With the Complete CRO
Big Picture To Quickly Boost Your Conversion
In each the modules for this unique, 24 module
online program, youll be walked through one of
the pillars of CRO success that make-up the eCom
Conversions System. You can also ask any
follow-up questions you have on any of 3 x live
QA calls. This gives you the chance to examine,
evaluate and inspect each relevant piece of the
CRO puzzle before putting it into practice. The
QA calls let you ask any follow-up questions
about what youve learned and implemented. Key
Benefit 2 Be Part of a Community of Like-Minded
Another defining feature of this program is the
level of individual and group involvement. Frankl
y, youll never reach your conversion goals or
the highest summit of success without the
collaborative support of others. Heres the
thing, by being part of the group you get to
regularly exercise your conversion mindset
muscles and even if its not your website in the
hot seatyoull have a barn full of conversion
boosting ideas that can be adopted, adapted and
applied to your own site. On top of this, you get
to connect and collaborate with their conversion
community and start helping one another whenever
you need a quick sanity check on your ideas or
some brutally honest feedback on your web
pages. This element, all by itself is
realistically worth 1,000.00 a year in hard
costs, but just one winning split-test idea has
the potential of being worth many times that
amount to you and your business. Who Should Use
eCom Conversions? However, this is not for
everybody. To get the most out of this system you
must meet the following criteria
  • You have to have a solid business already. This
    offer is for people who are already up and
    running and simply want to run a lot faster and a
    lot farther. This will not work for beginners,
    get rich quick wannabes, or biz-opp folks.
    Nothing wrong with that, but this would not be
    the right product for you.
  • You must have a steady flow of leads and
    customers. This means that youre getting
    consistent traffic and making sales already. You
    are getting at least 10,000 visitors per month
    (split-testing is painfully slow with less
    traffic) and youre selling stuff. You dont have
    to be a market leader Ill help you get
    there but you do need to be at least a
    significant player in your market.
  • You must have a decent, solid product/service and
    a good reputation. Everything we do together
    will not only be bringing you more sales and
    profits, but will be moving you toward a position
    of market dominance. We cant do that by
    painting a pig so you need to be able to
    visualize your business in that dominance
    position and have it make sense.
  • You MUST take action. Just going through the
    training and turning up to the 3 x QA live
    calls isnt enough. You must design and implement
    split-tests using what youre about to learn.
  • Why should you Get eCom Conversions Now?
  • This simple, yet profound insight has been the
    conversion catalyst responsible for sparking
    staggering profit momentum in online stores like

If your current business growth strategy is
hoping that your traffic picks-up or if youre
blundering about with best practice testing
ideasyou need to take this insight to
heart. Follow Bradley s simple eCom Conversions
System and you can revolutionize your business
in days, weeks and monthsrather than
years. Action is essential to business growth.
But it must be calculated, focused, strategic
action. Conversely, inaction as well as taking
the wrong action can actually accelerate the
failure of your business in the face of growing
competition. Have you ever contemplated that
sober reality? If notyou need to. eCom
Conversions works for every type of e-commerce
store you can name. For every type of productin
every market. Its so unshakeably reliable that
it will let you know with almost unerring
precisioneven before you test!how strong your
challenger page is going to be.
If your message doesnt answer the key objections
youve uncovered or doesnt fix a usability
problem, you will know it instantlyjust by
reviewing your test page and seeing if each
required element is present or not. Thats how
easy it is. This means you can know exactly where
and how any test page needs to be strengthened
to crank it up to maximum pulling power. This
means that the same time you spend the same
effort you make the same opportunity cost
youve unknowingly been wasting the same
financial expense youre already bearing --- if
applied differently, could now produce for you
as much as 10, 20, 30 or even 150
more. Here's What Other People Are Saying About
eCom Conversions
And now after revealing all the the thing you can
get with eCom Conversions, they are not about to
stop there. They are including a very valuable
bonus, designed to enhance your result with eCom
Conversions. Special Bonuses From eCom
Bonus 1 3 x Live QA Webinars Get all your
questions answered so there are no gaps and
nothing slows you down.
Bonus 2 Bradley private swipe file of
screenshots from top performing e- commerce
stores and funnelscomplete with critiques and
explanations on every conversion boosting
Bonus 3 Access to my closed door Facebook
group. Rub shoulders with the most forward
thinking Shopify store owners and conversion
masters. Get your burning questions answered,
learn, absorb, adopt and adapt everything that's
shared in this knowledge-packed community.
Bonus 4 5 Million Dollar Case Study See the
exact steps taken to increase conversions by 220
adding an additional 5m in revenue to a single
store. Conclusion Today is the last day to bag
yourself a copy of eCom Conversions. Hundreds of
people are already getting a lift in their
conversion rate by applying this 5-step system
to their stores. Without having to spend any
extra on traffic. And theres still time for you
to join them. Get your copy of eCom Conversions,
rack up more sales from the same traffic, and
routinely bank more profit. Period. Theres even
a money-back guarantee because the system is SO
proven. Why would you keep struggling with trial
and error or trying to buy more traffic to grow
your business when this is guaranteed and
proven? Nothing else can result in you making so
much extra money so quickly.
So go ahead and get eCom Conversions for the
lowest investment possible. It will disappear
very soon, so grab your risk-free copy right now.
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