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Benefits of yoga teacher training in goa


Smriti Yoga gives Best yoga teacher training in goa. Here are Benefits of yoga teacher training in goa – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of yoga teacher training in goa

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training In Goa
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About Smriti yoga
Smriti Yoga offer Yoga Teacher Training in Goa
with multi-style fusion of several great forms
including phenomenal academic curriculum with
extremely experienced and passionate teachers in
a friendly environment. Our venues are mindfully
chosen to integrate natural elements in pure
environment and we put focus on conscious living
and organic food. Our focus is quality education
in a unique location with a limited class size
for increased student teacher time.
Here are six reasons why you have to take its
time to take yoga teacher training before the
  • Deepen your physical practice - Yoga training
    programs bring students of all physical levels
    together to learn from each others different
    body types, injuries, flexibility levels, and
  • Learn some skills - Whether you need additional
    training hours smriti yoga will provide you best
    for an eastern studies major, or want to become
  • Find your yoga family -  If there is altest one
    benefit of YTT programs, it is the yoga family
    you will stay connected to years after your last

  • Challenge yourself mentally and physically
    Smriti Yoga will Challenge yourself mentally and
  • Explore your spirituality - Yoga serves to help
    quiet the mind and attune to our true selves.
  • Become a teacher -  Once you have completed your
    YTT you will be a teacher!  Use this power to
    develop your own unique teaching style that is
    authentic and mindful

 Teacher training is a great education for the
body, mind and spirit. You do not need to have a
desire to teach in order to benefit greatly from
these educational programs in all areas of your
life! Heres how yoga teacher training benefits
the body, mind spirit
Body  Teacher trainings will give you the tools
to practice more self-care and feel strong and
healthy in your body. In trainings, you will
learn about the physical body in great detail as
you learn about the alignment and benefits of
Mind  Teacher Training is a great way to expand
and still your mind!  You will be reading the
Yoga Sutras, the ancient philosophical texts of
yoga that teach practitioners how to manage the
workings of the mind through focus, discipline,
practice and meditation. 
Spirit  Teacher Training can help you to access
the non-physical aspects of the self.  Your
energy, emotions, character, intuition and things
that we cant perceive with the physical eyes but
that we understand are part of our human design.
What is the ultimate purpose of yoga? The Purpose
of Yoga Meditation in Motion. Traditionally yoga 
was practiced and developed to open your body and
clear your mind. It's so you can sit and meditate
without dwelling on a stiff back or congestion in
your thought process.
What is the use of yoga? Yoga is a mind and body
practice with historical origins in ancient
Indian philosophy. Like other meditative movement
practices used for health purposes, various
styles of yoga typically combine physical
postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or
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