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Get Rid of Stomach Fat, Build Muscle


Anyone wanting to be healthy and fit and slender because with such conditions you will look young, beautiful and fresh. By eating alkaline food you can burn your fat fast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Get Rid of Stomach Fat, Build Muscle

Get Rid of Stomach Fat, Build Muscle
  • The low fat diet offers a decent variety of food
    items. You can eat most lean meats, seafood,
    fruits, and vegetables. There's only a handful of
    things that you really must avoid like fatty, red
    meats and sugary junk food. But, if you're
    looking to satisfy your sweet tooth there's
    always the delicious choices of watermelon,
    strawberries, or other such fruits. One thing you
    should know is that simply not eating fat doesn't
    mean your body can't produce more fat. Your body
    has the capability of converting excess carbs and
    storing them as fat. So even if you eat zero fat
    in a day, you still must be aware of your calorie
    count. You can't exceed your maintenance just as
    with low carb or any other kind of diet.
  • You can be successful on either diet, however I
    prefer low fat. This choice will allow you much
    more flexibility when choosing meals and snacks.
    It also allows you more freedom when going out to
    eat. Almost every diner or cafe has some low fat
    choices while most don't cater to a low carb
    dieter's needs. Low fat food purchases also tend
    to be a bit on the cheaper side. I've found that
    local markets have better and more frequent sales
    on produce and fowl than other items. Also, In my
    experience people have had fewer health issues
    when using a low fat diet. There were almost no
    negative experiences.

  • Contrast that to several individuals that I've
    known who had bowel problems, fatigue, severe
    cravings, and other issues when trying low carb.
    Whichever you decide to do, make sure you check
    with your doctor first just to be safe. There are
    many diets on the market that claim they have the
    best method to increasing fat reduction to enable
    you to achieve weight reduction. What is best,
    one low in carbohydrates and high in protein, or
    a diet balanced in carbohydrates, protein and
    fat? There is no conclusive study that one is
    better than another.
  • There are the eat more and lose weight diets that
    promise you that while consuming more food you
    can actually lose weight. These are usually
    variations of very low fat diets and focus on
    recommending low fat low calorie type foods like
    fruit and vegetables. They provide you with a
    greater volume of food for fewer calories. These
    diets actually work because you are consuming
    fewer calories than normal not because they are
    speeding up your metabolism or providing you with
    anything that enhances fat burning capabilities.
    A term that was popular about ten years ago is
    thermo genesis, another word for fat burning. It
    was believed that certain foods caused the body
    to burn extra energy in order to digest and
    absorb them.

  • The concept is based on science but the
    contribution to weight loss is so minor to weight
    loss that it is irrelevant. Fat burning foods as
    they are called do not burn fat. Highly acidic
    types like grapefruit, lemons, limes and apple
    cider vinegar were said to be able to melt fat.
    It may sound good but does not work. Certain food
    combinations are also said to cause a chemical
    reaction in the body that promotes the burning of
    body fat. This has never been proven and is
    another myth.
  • There are foods like caffeine containing
    beverages and capsaicin from hot peppers that
    were to have improved calorie burning. Although
    high dosages of caffeine can raise your heart
    rate and certain peppers cause you to sweat they
    do not contribute to weight burning. There were
    similar results for green tea and other caffeine
    products that were promoted to increase weight
    loss. Eating patterns have also been promoted as
    aiding in weight reduction, eating six instead of
    three times daily or mixing the consumption
    amounts of your three main meals. Studies have
    found that it does not matter how often you eat
    or how much at each sit down but the number of
    calories you consume on a daily basis. There was
    an old adage out there for years that said that
    if you did not eat anything after 7Pm which many
    made to 8Pm that you would definitely lose weight
    because your body would be allowed to start
    burning your food before you drifted into sleep.

  • This has proved not to be the case. It is
    important to eat at sensible times because of
    work schedules, The Achievable Body Review
    exercise routine, and other factors, but people
    on shift work often eat with their families and
    then go right to bed. Diets that have
    restrictions on what you can eat and when will
    reduce calories by changing your eating habits.
    Whether that is through avoiding gluten and dairy
    products, not eating protein and starch at the
    same time, eating fruits before a certain time or
    consuming bowls of soup type all contribute to
    calorie reduction through change.
  • For instance the person who frequently snacks
    then switches to eating three balanced meals will
    invariably reduce his caloric intake by changing
    his habits. For all of the myths and supposed
    truths on foods, supplements, times of
    consumption and combinations there are many more
    waiting to be promoted. We seem to want to buy
    and listen to anything related to weight loss
    believing a magic elixir is around the corner.
    What it really comes down to if you want
    sustained weight loss is behavioral change. You
    must want to achieve your goal, and want it
    enough to follow the steps outlined for you.
    Forget about all the hype and myths on the
    market, have a caloric imbalance at the end of
    the day through less food intake and more
    activity, and you will succeed.
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