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Life Insurance is all about


Life insurance is designed to protect your family and life partner financially after your death. Insurance company will pay-out lump sum to your family as per your policy plan. Policy plan starts from just £5 per months. will help you to find and compare life insurance quotes online from UK's reputed companies like Aviva, AIG and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Life Insurance is all about

Life Insurance Is all about
What is Life Insurance..?
  • Life insurance is a contract between policy
    holder and insurance company.
  • Insurance company will pay lump sum amount as per
    your policy terms to your family after your
  • Life insurance is not a saving or investment
    product and has no cash value unless a valid
    claim is required

Why Life insurance..?
  • Life insurance is never be ignored by prime
    member, after the death of prime member of family
    remaining members of family fight against a
    financial risk.
  • Payout will be used for mortgage loan repayment.
    This is one of the major concern for family
    members after breadwinner's death.
  • Life insurance amount will be helpful to your
    family for household bill and childcare and much
  • The cheapest life insurance policy starts from 5
    per month. It is just small payable amount for
    any one and you will get protection guarantee of
    your family.

Life insurance Benefits...
  • Life-insurance is the best financial support to
    your family and loved one after your death.
  • Life-insurance money will be helpful to your
    family to survive.
  • Your children's education won't disturb in your
  • Any Government Tax is not applicable on life
    insurance pay-out.

Types of life insurance
  1. Level-Term insurance
  2. Whole of life insurance

1) Term insurance
  • Life insurance company will pay lump sum or
    monthly amount if you die within defined term
  • You won't receive a single buck if you are lucky
    for several other colorful years to cheer in
  • In term insurance you have to specify the time
    limit how long term policy you want.

i) Increasing term insurance
  • In Increasing Term Insurance the amount of cover
    and the premiums increase over the term
  • The sum insured either rise by a fixed percentage
    each year, or rises in line with the Retail
    Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation.

ii) Decreasing term Insurance
  • Decreasing Term Insurance decreases over time
    that means premium are lower than level term
  • Policy is often taken out to cover mortgages
    where amount automatically down yearly. This
    policy tends to be cheaper than level term

2) Whole of life insurance
  • Whole life insurance protects you for the
    lifetime until you probabilistic die.
  • In this policy you have to pay premium (annually)
    amount for whole life. After your death, your
    family will get a lump sum amount as per the
    policy plan.
  • Whole-of-life policies can be expensive but they
    are useful if you want a guarantee that your
    policy will pay out no matter when you die.

Critical illness Cover
  • A critical heath problem could happen with any
    one of us.
  • Critical illness cover is designed to protect
    those family or loved-one when breadwinner or
    prime member of family is diagnosed critical
    illness and unable to earn.
  • Critical illness cover will payout a lump sum
    when you are in critical illness within term of
    the policy.
  • Critical illness insurance covers cancer, heart
    attack, stroke and other illness problems. You
    should read policy paper carefully before
    finalizing the plan.

Life insurance Over 50s
  • Guaranteed policy acceptance is one of the major
    advantage of life insurance over 50s policy.
  • Insurer pay a guaranteed lump sum amount to
    dependent whenever policy-holder die.
  • No need to pass medical test for this life
    insurance policy.
  • Insurance policy starts from just 4 to 100 per

Things to keep in mind before buying life
insurance policy..?
  • Check your insurance requirements and your
  • Compare insurance quotes from all renowned
  • Don't hesitate to ask experts about premium
  • Understand renewal policy.
  • Read all policy related Document carefully.

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How to make a Life insurance claim..?
  • Get death certificate from authorized
  • Contact life insurance company.
  • Receive insurance claim form.
  • Fill the form carefully and attach all required
  • Get your payout

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