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The Smart Lady Tips for Fixing Hair Disasters & Going Gray Gracefully


A study reveals that women who believe their hair are beautiful have a high self esteem. They feel and look more beautiful. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Smart Lady Tips for Fixing Hair Disasters & Going Gray Gracefully

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Your tresses look great until you decide to do
something new to them. Thats when disaster
strikes. The next moment, you are suffering from
a bad hair day or even a bad hair month.
Fixing hair disasters
Whatever bad happens to your tresses there is
a way to fix it. A study reveals that women who
believe their hair are beautiful have a high self
They feel and look more beautiful. Men, please
do not ask why this is so, but it is the truth!
Women will agree.
The worst disaster a bad hair cut
Now, this is what we call a catastrophe. If the
stylist has chopped off your tresses excessively,
you might need a wig or hair extensions.
Thank God for these beautiful things made by
humans. Wigs and extensions also work well for
women with fine hair or thinning hair.
The most important thing to have patience. Let
your hair grow back to its length. Then, you can
either punch the hair stylist for giving you a
bad cut or choose a new stylist.the best one in
town probably. Always discuss with your
hairdresser which hair cut would suit you.
Uneven layers are annoying. What makes it worse
is that you hardly have an option, except wait
for the short layers to grow or, if you dare,
chop off the long layers to match the short ones.
This would leave you with a shorter hairstyle,
but it might look better than the uneven one.
The choice is yours. You could wear a hat or
scarf to hide the weird layers. You could even
pull back your tresses in a cute ponytail till
the layers get even. Change your ponytail styles
to avoid the monotonous look daily.
Side tails, high tails, pleated tails, hair
accessories theres a lot to do to fix a bad
layer cut rather than simply sit and cry.
Super perm that leaves you with a frizzy head
It happens especially when you decide to perm
your hair at home for the first time. It is said
that what is done cannot be undone but not with
Good salons have techniques that can reverse
perm. They apply permanent waving solution to
straighten hair. Wait! Before you rush to a
salon, deep condition your hair with a rich
conditioner. Use a comb to apply the product.
Leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse hair. Set big
rollers on sections of hair. Let them air dry.
This can combat frizz. If it does not work,
Wrong hair color
This is common. We usually get too carried away
with runway trends to check whether the color
will suit us. The problem with DIY hair coloring
is that those attractive color boxes dont tell
you how exactly you will look at the end. So, it
is like a gamble.
If you have over-bleached your hair or done them
in deep green, blue, pink, or some other color
that now looks weird on you, avoid fixing such
hair disasters at home.
Please let a professional handle this. They have
chemicals and techniques to tackle hair colors
gone horribly wrong.
Going gray gracefully
This requires a professional hand. If you are in
the 30s and wish to flaunt salt and pepper hair,
please avoid trying it at home. Apart from a
skillful hand, you need oodles of confidence and
attitude to wear gray, silver, or white on hair
If you have dark hair, you could go for silver
highlights. They look interesting. Whatever
happens to your hair, please do not panic. Handle
the situation with calmness. There exists a
remedy to tackle any kind of disaster.
In the worst case scenario, when everything else
fails, remember tresses grow back they can be
hidden under hats and hair color fades with
time. Such disasters arent permanent.
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