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TMJ Treatment In India Body Pains Treatment In India, TMJD


Sanora Body Pains Relief Center is a super-specialty center in New Delhi, India. With an impressive list of over 1,000 satisfied patients cured for all most a decade, and an impeccable reputation, Sanora Body pains center leads in the research of treatment and research of body pains, TMJ related pains and sleep apnea in India. We employ any or all the following treatment modalities ( Which ever is appropriate ) for curing these pains : Cranio-Sacral Tmj ( Jaw Joint therapy ), Botox, Smile Designing, Lasers, Ozone and Epigenetics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: TMJ Treatment In India Body Pains Treatment In India, TMJD

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Tempromandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD) By Dr.
Sanjay Arora Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist, BDS,
MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist,
Craniodontist Neuro Muscular TMJ
Specialist, Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist, BSc
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Meet The Doctor
Dr. Sanjay Arora Cranio-Sacral TMJ
Specialist, BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion
Specialist, Craniodontist, Neuro Muscular TMJ
Specialist, Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist, BSc
Dr. Sanjay Arora is a Cranio-Sacral Dentist, a
branch of Dentistry dealing with subjects of TMJ
(Jaw Joint), Dental Occlusion and Myology, at the
most advanced level within dentistry. This
cutting edge science is at the absolute frontier
in dentistry and has undergone development at the
hands of the leading scientists for over 75
years, mostly in US and Germany. Parts of this
science are now taught as official courses in
leading universities as Tufts. Dr. Arora has till
now, cured over 1000 patients of various body
pains like, Migraine, Cervical, Shoulder, Back,
Sciatica and knee pains. These pains are cured by
correcting imbalance in jaw joint due to abnormal
grinding of teeth. Success rate remains 97. Some
FDA approved very sophisticated technology like
computer controlled pressure sensors and
accelerometers are involved in the cure.. To know
more about Dr. Sanjay Visit our website..
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What is Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)/ jaw joint is
situated in front of the middle ear. Its also
known as lower jaw joint. Its just a similar
joint as that present for door opening and
closing with simultaneously two hinges on each
side and this makes it more complex. In a dentate
patient the lower jaw will seat on the teeth of
upper jaw, its a precise position which carries
a good amount of force for chewing. Many of the
forces act in an angulated direction, which are
more damaging.This is the basic problem with the
front (anterior) teeth which are more angulated.
In the patients who dont have teeth, this is of
no concern. When the angular forces are
disturbed due to some other factors, it disturbs
the joint seating. This situation can be compared
to a thin wedge or straw present in your shoe
that can disturb your walk. When the walk of the
jaw joint is disturbed, the ball shaped bone
(condyle) exerts uncontrolled forces to the
socket (Glenoid fossa). In between these two
bones lies a cartilaginous, cushion like
structure called as articulating disc. When this
happens the disc can move in either inward or
forward direction. When the disc moves in inward
direction pain is not there as pain receptors are
not present in there, but it impinges the nerves
that lie just beneath it and leads to body pains.
When the disc moves in forward direction it
impairs the proper mouth opening and leads to
pain around the ear and face. This is called as
MPDS- Myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome. The
disc can move either in both the directions and
lead to chronic body pains and other medical
diseases, which are explained in detail in Dr.
Sanjay Aroras hypothesis for whole body disease
and TMJD as Infratemporal Catastrophe
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  • TMJD Causes..
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Jaw Pain
  • Eye or Sinus Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Depression
  • Back pain.

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TMJD Treatment.. We are the first people
practicing CranioSacral dentistry in India. Our
dental treatments focus on not just giving you a
beautiful and cavity free healthy smile but also
on giving a healthy jaw joint , a pain free body
. The Jaw Tracker is an instrument that measures
and records the movements of the jaw. Hence any
discrepancy in the jaw movements can be analyzed
using this. Hence it can be used to detect any
irregularity of the jaw joint, called T.M.J
disorders. Disorders of the Jaw can lead to
several body pain chronically as well. One
which we believe in is the one promoted by Dr.
Sanjay Arora , of Sanora - Center For Relief from
Body Pains and that states, There are several
nerves and blood vessels in an inch of space
under the jaw joint. The nerve that controls the
position of head, (No. 11 or accessory nerve),
lies fairly close to the joint. Irritation of
this nerve re-positions the head on the shoulder.
Hence we as TMJ Specialist doctors use several
instruments like T Scan, Jaw Tracker, Mat
Scan,Isometrics, Lateral Ceph, Sleep study..
To seek a consultation with a TMJ Specialist In
Delhi Call us at 91-9971237409,91-9
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CONTACT US Dr. Sanjay Arora Clinic Address-
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