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Telecom Sector Expectations for 2016 - Ravi Varma Namboori


Ravi Varma Namboori presented on "Telecom Sector Expectations for 2016" where he mensioned about Technology initiatives, Network Analytics, Network Security, Software-Defined Networking & Network-Function Virtualization. Do share & comment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Telecom Sector Expectations for 2016 - Ravi Varma Namboori

Expectations of Telecom Sector for 2016
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Technology initiatives
  • Every year some kind of technology innovations
    surprise telecom sector with advanced products
    and services. Telecom companies have always been
    a step ahead in leveraging the most advanced
    technologies to serve their customers better.
  • Prime technology initiatives that are going to
    influence telecom business in 2016 are
  • Network Analytics
  • Network Security
  • Software Defined Networking- SDN
  • Network Function Virtualization- NFV

Network Analytics
  • For any modern day enterprise data gives crucial
    insights in to customer preferences, partner
    interests and market dynamics.
  • With advanced analytics capabilities telecom
    enterprises are going to see new heights of
    business performance in 2016.
  • Networks get further strengthened with data
    driven approaches in telecom sector.
  • Enterprises track performance of their networks
    and analytics enables them to take optimization
  • Industry experts states that telecom enterprises
    invests significantly in analytics tools and
    infrastructure and gain huge business benefits in

Network Security
  • Telecom sector has rapidly grown in the recent
    years which demanded quick expansion of network.
    Enterprises have added value-added services to
    the network which made the networks further
    complex, tough to manage and less secured.
  • IT managers from telecom companies focus majorly
    on network security initiatives in new year as
    it has been a key concern for many enterprises in
    year 2015.
  • Experts states that telecom players will opt for
    cloud-enabled methods to ensure enhanced security
    to their networks.
  • In order to ensure enterprise network security,
    technology managers should bring in advanced
    security products, integrate and manage them with
    strong security policies and processes.
  • Strong security framework is what enterprises
    need to protect their infrastructure and networks
    from threats and fraud intrusions.

Software-Defined Networking
  • Software-Defined Networking enables technology
    managers to decouple the centralized higher
    network functionality from hardware components
    such as routers and switches.
  • With SDN, managers get centralized end-end view
    of the entire network.
  • Reduces both capital and operational expenses.
  • Boost-up flexibility and business agility.
  • SDN brings intelligence that empowers users to
    build networks that best suits to their needs of
    specific applications.
  • Bringing various branches of an enterprise on to
    centralized network gives huge benefits and
    enhance overall business performance.

Network-Function Virtualization
  • Network Function Virtualization drives revolution
    in telecom sector and it is technically a
    flip-side of software defined networking.
  • NFV enables technology managers to virtualize
    network processes , so that they can be run on
    generic hardware infrastructure unlike its
    counterpart SDN that needs dedicated hardware
    components such as routers.
  • With NFV, enterprises significantly reduces the
  • Makes enterprise networks more flexible to change
    as per changing business demands
  • Brings enhanced scalability of networks

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