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Title: Hire Magento Developers - eCommerce AgileInfoways.com

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Java vs.
Dot.Net vs. Java

Dot.Net vs. Java
Enterprise solutions

Third party extensions
Extensions Phoenix, Tiles, Java Faces
PP blocks
Visual Studio.net
J2EE Class Library
Base Class Library
Java runtime
J2EE App Servers Websphere, Weblogic, Tomcat,
Win32, Unix, Linux
Dot.Net vs. Java
  • There are many controversies as regards the
    difference between Dot Net and Java. Today there
    are basically two internationally renown
    environments for developing applications. They
    are called Java Platform and .NET platform.
  • .NET and Java are actually incomparable guided
    by the fact that Java is a programming language
    where as .NET is a framework of presently 43
    programming languages. (Microsoft latest news
    .Net support around 40 languages). If you devote
    a considerable amount of time exploring the
    environments then you might find out that .NET is
    far more efficient, perfect and better than many

Java vs .Net
  • Java is generally used cross platform because
    of Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM helps in the
    translation of the code to bytecodes and then
    complies it to machine code according to the
    operating system.
  • In the same way, .Net has developed Common
    Language Runtime (CLR) engine that converts the
    program code from Microsoft Intermediate Language
    (MSIL) to the native machine code. It has built
    in data types known as Common Type System (CTS)
    that mechanically understands the types of other
    languages and Language specification Rules (CLS)
    to be followed by the different languages so they
    can easily be converted into a common
    intermediate code before changing to machine

Java vs .Net
Therefore, when dot. Net supports numerous
programming Language, Java alternatively, we can
say that it is focused on only one programming
language that supports multiple environments.
Some of the differences between java and dot. Net
are given in next .
Java vs .Net
  • Comparison
  • Java and dot. Net Both are object oriented
    programming language but Java is a platform
    independent language while dot. Net is platform
    dependent. GI
  • Java support one language on the other hand
    dot.NET support multiple languages such as
    VB.NET, C.NET, J.NET etc).
  • Java is sun Microsystems Product whereas dot. Net
    is Microsoft Product .

Java vs .Net
  1. Dot. net provide more user friendliness when
    designing the forms for example in dot.Net we
    drag and drop controls into form which is not at
    all mind teasing process. Developer can
    concentrate on the programming logic or other
    development issues. Where as in java code for
    creating a simple control like button also takes
    some programming from the developer.
  2. Java supports connected architecture and dot.Net
    supports disconnected Architecture. GI

Java vs .Net
Lines of Code Required
.NET Petshop
Java Pet Store
User Interface
Data Tier
Middle Tier
Total Lines of Code
Java vs .Net
  • According to Sun, Java is renowned as Write
    once, Run anywhere.
  • But its not completely true to say Write once
    run anywhere but to assure its multiple support
    much time needed to debug it on all platforms. So
    its not Write once run anywhere but its Write
    once, and Debug everywhere.
  • Note One important aspect is that most of the
    applications written today focus on one platform
    only whereas according to Microsoft, Dot .NET is
    renowned as
  • Learn once, Work anywhere. (language)
  • Dot.Net due to disconnected data access through
    Ado dot.net has high level of performance against
    Java JDBC. GI

Java vs .Net
Conclusion Dot. Net and Java are said to be
the two extensively used development environment
to construct web applications. It is very hard to
predict as to who will appear the winner, but the
clear sign is there that the large enterprises
who have been using Java for a prolonged period
of time or the enterprises who use different
platforms, will certainly continue their
relationship with Java. As far as Dot. Net is
related, the enterprises who have Windows
platform and who is seeking faster development
(along with the latest technology updates from
Microsoft) time will go for Dot. Net.
PHP vs.
PHP vs .Net
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a recursive
acronym the first "P" stands for "PHP," and the
first "P" of that stands for "PHP" as well, thus
the cycle continues. It originally stood for
Personal Home Page, but was renamed when the
language starts use on the web. PHP Hypertext Pr
eprocessor is a language used to create dynamic
Web pages. With syntax from C, Java and Perl. PHP
code is embedded within HTML pages for server
side execution. As like many other web
applications PHP is also commonly used to extract
data out of a database and present it on the Web
page. PHP is widely used with the mySQL database
at backend.
PHP vs .Net
Whenever there is a need for inter-linking huge
databases to generate database driven websites,
web programmers or web developers unanimously
agree on using Java programming, ASP.Net  
programming or PHP  programming. ASP
(Active-server-pages) and Java are considered as
the two most popular and standard web programming
languages, now to some extent PHP(Hyper text
preprocessor) too because of their unique
advantages over other web programming languages.
PHP vs .Net
  • Some of the differences between PHP and ASP.
    Net are elaborated in detail below
  • Database Compatibility.
  • General Run Time.
  • Coding Simplicity.
  • Cost.
  • Platform Connectivity Issue.
  • Cost of Tools.
  • Background Language Support.
  • Security.
  • Serious, Complex and Large Applications.
  • Product.
  • Support.

PHP vs .Net
  • Database Compatibility
  • The default database for PHP is MySql which is
    open source and allows to be downloaded free of
    cost from the internet whereas Dot.net by default
    uses Microsoft Sql which is far from being free.
  • But the positive side is that both PHP and
    Dot.net are able to modify their database
    connectivity and work on each others databases as
    well as use MS Access, Oracle etc.

PHP vs .Net
  • General Run Time Compared to PHP, Dot.net loads
    faster as it is optimized and compiled language
    whereas PHP is an interpreted language which runs
    from the code directly thus, consuming more
    uploading time as interpreted languages needs to
    be converted to machine instructions at runtime.
  • Coding Simplicity ASP. Net codes are somewhat
    complicated and a web developer needs to work
    hard to get it when compared with PHP. But PHP
    codes are very simple and a programmer does not
    have to make much effort because it is
    comparatively easier than other types of
    programming languages.

PHP vs .Net
  • Cost of Operating System
  • Linux can be used for running PHP programs
    and Linux is free operating system. Therefore,
    the cost of developing a website in PHP language
    is remarkably low. On the other hand, you need to
    install Internet Information Server (IIS) on a
    Windows server platform if you want to run ASP.
    Net program. As Windows server platform is not a
    free product, thus the cost of asp.net
    application is higher than PHP application.

PHP vs .Net
  • Multi-Platform Connectivity Issue
  • ASP codes are usually run on Windows
    platforms (default) (but if you install
    ASP-Apache in the server than it can run on Linux
    platform as well). PHP has a unique advantage in
    this issue. Its codes can be linked with
    different types of platforms such as Windows,
    Linux and UNIX.
  • So, Unlike Dot.net that runs exclusively on
    Windows server, PHP runs on multiple platforms
    such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Apache.

PHP vs .Net
  • Cost of Tools
  • PHP codes are available for free in
    various forums and sites as it is a open source
    software. Furthermore, some useful tools that can
    be used in PHP are also available for free e.g.
    Joomla, WordPress, Magento. However, no such free
    tools are available for ASP.Net e.g.
  • Visual Studio.
  • 7. Security Though PHP can offer enough
    measures for ensuring data security, ASP. Net is
    reputed for creating sophisticated techniques to
    ensure the safety of confidential data. This is
    the reason why government and larger
    data-oriented organizations opt for ASP.Net.

PHP vs .Net
8. Background Language Support The codes
that are used in PHP are very much similar to
that of C language and its syntax resembles
the syntax used in C and C. Therefore, if you
have a fair knowledge in C or C, you will have
any difficulty while coding PHP language.
However, Dot.net supports more languages like
vb.net, cSharp (c), C, jSharp (j) if compared
to PHP which supports only C in which it is
made. Therefore, if you have a fair knowledge in
any dot. Net Supported language, you will not
face any difficulty while coding in .net
PHP vs .Net
  1. Serious, Complex and Large Applications PHP is
    a language. ASP.NET is a framework. PHP is very
    good at creating web pages that needs limited
    functionality. Basic static pages with some small
    dynamic content. But once you need beyond that,
    then you start looking for code "pieces" to
    use. A grid, A menu. Database access
    libraries, Runtime Engines and Other libraries.
    When you are done, you've basically hacked
    together your own custom PHP framework.

PHP vs .Net
(continue) Serious, Complex and Large
Applications ASP.NET has all that in place,
and quite honestly much much more.  The larger
the project, the better ASP.NET does. Although it
got more overhead (complexity) in terms of
learning and coding when compared it with PHP,
but as the project complexity increases, ASP.NET
code complexity is fairly linear.  PHP code
becomes exponentially more complex and time
PHP vs .Net
10. Product Dot.net is a Microsoft product
whereas PHP can be downloaded free from the
internet, its owned by none hence open source.
PHP modules and plug-ins can be downloaded
totally free whereas Dot.net requires a series of
Microsoft products such as Windows operating
system, visual studio (and sql server at
backend) for coding making it really expensive if
compared with PHP.
PHP vs .Net
11. Support. Microsoft constantly updates the
Dot.net with multiple features making it quite
attractive development kit. Microsoft is a great
asset to possess, if you are a developer for its
numerous updates and features coupled with
Microsofts extensive support, for creating
dynamic web and desktop application. Whereas,
PHP is not backed by any huge corporate entity
like Microsoft, in spite of this it is liked by
the developers as it is the most inexpensive
option to develop a site. All its updates and
supports can be downloaded free from the net that
are developed by users themselves. Surprising
enough, that this hasnt affected its popularity
PHP vs .Net
Conclusion Unlike ASP. Net and JAVA, PHP
doesnt have any specified framework to build a
website application. PHP based web applications
can be developed with any IDE on any platform
with any local host installed. This means that
unlike.net framework for asp applications and JVM
for java based applications PHP doesnt force any
strict or specified framework or environment and
this is one of the best benefits of PHP. PHP is
very good for small quick development But where
the matter is of branded, complex and secure
application dot.net will certainly wins.
General Information
.NET platform .NET applications are built by
developing in any of the .NET languages such as
C, VB, or C, which is then compiled into the
CIL (Common intermediate language) byte-code. 
Next, the CIL is converted into machine language
which can then be executed on any Windows machine
that is Windows Plateform.
General Information
Java platform Java applications are built
by developing in Java only, which is then
compiled into Java byte-code.  The intermediate
byte-code is then converted to machine code using
the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).  Unlike the .NET
platform, however, the machine code created by
the JVM can run on any platform, including
Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, or Mac OS.
General Information
Connected Data Access connected data access
means that a connection must be open/ maintained
between application and database while accessing
data. Example when read data from a database
by using a sqlDataReader object, an open
connection must be maintained between application
and the database.
General Information
Disconnected Data Access When use dataAdapter,
DataTable and DataSet objects, you don't need to
keep connection open with the database. These
objects are working in disconnected environment.
That is connection with database is opened only
for a period of time and is closed when the
work/action is completed.
General Information Popularity Graph
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