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Top 5 Tips to Design Mobile Site and Build a Friendly Website


Develop your website using these top tips to design mobile site and build a friendly and responsive website which can be used efficiently from all the devices. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Tips to Design Mobile Site and Build a Friendly Website

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  • As you all know that in the last few years there
    has been tremendous growth in the development and
    the usage of mobile devices.
  • The ratio between mobile devices and pcs n
    laptops was about 60 to 40 in their comparison.
  • The major search engines consider the mobile
    friendly websites most important characteristics
    when they rank those websites in the search
  • Lets have a look at the top tips to design
    mobile site which can help you to design a
    friendly website perfectly for mobile, tablet and
    also for desktop devices.

Select your Design Methodology
  • It is of premium importance that you choose a
    right methodology for your website design.
  • There are 3 main ways by which you can optimize a
    website for mobile devices they are
  • RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • Dynamic serving
  • Separating the URLs
  • You can select any of these mobile website
    designing strategies and amongst this the
    responsive website would be the most effective.

Put Friendly Content for your Website
  • Short and readable content for a website would be
    much more preferable as the screen of a mobile
    device is much smaller than that of a desktop so
    long .
  • Paragraphs will make it uncomfortable for your
    visitors to read it.
  • Conveying the details of your websites with fewer
    words will help in increasing the user
    friendliness for the visitors.
  • Make sure that you use the best font for your
    content and make it easy to read through proper
    format of it.

Use the Google analytics extensively
  • This is the first thing you must do before
    starting to develop a mobile website and also use
    enough time to do analytics.
  • The Google analytics will allow you to find out
    the different platforms that the users use to
    visit your website.
  • You can also understand the kind of experience
    the visitors are having from your website through
    their mobile devices.
  • You can also easily know who your audience is and
    also define different things that you will need
    to focus while designing your website.

Add Videos and Also Make your Website Load Fast
  • Be careful when you add videos into the app as
    all the videos are not usually playable in the
    mobile websites.
  • You can use the video technology that can provide
    the users with a smooth experience through all
    the different mobile devices.
  • The data connection is slower and the memory is
    fewer in the mobile devices than in the desktops
    which makes the net slower in the mobile devices
    than in the desktops.
  • So it is also important that you make sure that
    the videos in your website load fast to all the

Time to Test the Website
  • This is the last task to be completed in anything
    that you create, which is the task of testing.
  • Remember to test your mobile device in a wide
    range of devices, desktops, browsers, different
    resolutions of the screens and the operating
  • Also examine if the website is executed in the
    same way as you intended.
  • You can use the Mobile friendly testing tool by
    the Google for more advanced testing you can
    use the combined version of the developer SDK
    the web based emulators.

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