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Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is a pioneer in assembling wood burning hot tub utilizing the same 100% reasonable western red cedar we use in all our hot tubs. Most wood burning hot tubs are used in rural locations that have access to plenty of wood. So it reduces the operational costs of using a hot tub. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

Do you know when its right to drain your outdoor
hot tub water? It is a vital question and if you
are not aware of the answer, you are likely to
harm your bath tub and devalue it. Use of
unbalanced water in your outdoor hot tub could be
damaging and cause equipment dysfunction. Proper
handling of tub water is necessary to start
enjoying your bath inside the outdoor hot tub.
After all, making your bath enjoyable and
relaxing is what encourages you to invest in an
outdoor hot tub without delay.
It is recommended to drain the outdoor hot tub in
every three or four months. If you fail to drain
your tub water more often, the chemical balance
of tub water could not be maintained properly.
Some of the outdoor tub users spend more money,
effort and time than usual. Following a
few simple tips, and gathering knowledge on how
to handle carry out them will make you enjoy
maximum and get the best value out of your
outdoor hot tub.
Reasons and Fixing of Tub Water
Cloudiness Addition of chemicals to the tub
water is a necessary activity, but may finally
lead to particle deposition and cloudiness. You
can identify this water issue by using the test
strips and studying parts per million or PPM
indicator on them. The solution to pure and clear
tub water lies in use of fresh water, the right
kind and amount of sanitizer, a quality oxidizing
shock. Without all of these, you are more likely
to face common tub water issues like murkiness or
cloudiness. If you keep changing your outdoor tub
water regularly but end up with the water getting
cloudy in just a few weeks, there is definitely
some problem which needs to be fixed at the
  • Below are given a few things that can help you
    fix tub water issues efficiently
  • Discuss with an expert technician - There are
    many specialized technicians, to work on your
    outdoor hot tub water chemistry and fix these
    problems effectively. Such kind of technician
    service will be available to you for free if your
    tub supplier is a reliable company and offers
    warranty on its products.
  • Try other options available in sanitization-
    Dont stick to one sanitizer as many other
    options are available in the market to try in
    case one fails to work for your tub system.
  • Follow strictly your tub care and maintenance
    schedule! This point should be emphasized a lot.
    Though it is a sheer pain to go outside in winter
    and check the tub water still you would have to
    carry it out regularly. Additionally you have to
    balance your tub water as instructed by the
    manufacturer on the long term. It will prevent
    your tub components from failure and causing you
    serious expenditure.
  • Clean the tub filter properly - You cant ignore
    cleaning of tub filter for first three months.
    Pull it out or rotate it with another one at
    least once in every month and apply a quality
    filter cleanser to ensure you keep it perfectly
    clean every time. Thoroughly cleaning and
    periodically rotating your outdoor hot tub filter
    will add to its longevity.
  • If you can keep up with all the above mentioned
    tips and make sure your tub water remains clean
    and clear throughout, then why not order an
    outdoor hot tub from Cedartubs today? We have a
    variety of outdoor hot tubs for your soaking
    pleasure in every season and at affordable rates.
    Contact us online and get quick access to more
    than one variety now!

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