Online Term Plan - Term Insurance India Adds to the Quotients of Mental Peace and Relaxation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Term Plan - Term Insurance India Adds to the Quotients of Mental Peace and Relaxation


Presenting the Bajaj Allianz iSecure Insurance Plan; a level cover term assurance plan that secures your family's financial needs by giving you a high sum assured at a low cost. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Term Plan - Term Insurance India Adds to the Quotients of Mental Peace and Relaxation

Online Term Plan
Term Insurance India Adds to the Quotients of
Mental Peace
  • There are insurance policies that ensure regular
    returns. You can recover the money at the
    accepted intervals of time. The cash value
    accrues, and after the set time interval, you can
    recover the money. Term insurance India is a tad
    bit different from the latter.
  • The focus is on a fixed time frame. It does not
    have the option for regular returns. After the
    set time-frame lapses, or after the scheme
    matures, you will not have the amount
    multiplying. As a result of this, you have people
    shying away from this particular variety of
    investment. But then, the most important factor
    up here is the life coverage.
  • More than wastage
  • Life is unpredictable. Within a fraction of a
    second, things may turn out to be very different
    from what it was in the last few minutes.
    However, there is little or no point in being
    apprehensive about death and demise. It is a fact
    that the death does not follow any fixed time
    frame. It outlives all rationalistic
  • So, if you are laboring under the impression that
    the Online Term Plan is a sheer wastage, it is
    imperative that you consider the unpredictability
    of life and death. Fortune as well as misfortune
    works hand in hand. Any responsible family man
    will be doubly cautious about fortifying the base
    of security.

Anticipating the worst You are earning the bread
and butter for your family and dependents. Have
you ever considered the probabilities of chance
and accidents? Accidents may deal a deathly blow.
Then, there are people whose jobs are riskier
than those of others. You know that you are
walking on the razors edge. Instead of wilting
and reeling under fear and morbidity, it is
always better to settle upon a scheme of the. You
need not be extravagant and block a large amount
of money. There are calculators and advisers to
help you through the process. With their guides
and insights, you can cut out a sum that is just
enough for your familys needs. Feeling relieved
and relaxed At the end of the day, the money
locked in should be able to substitute for your
income. It is something like this. You are not
there by your familys side. But during your
absence, the policy is there by their side. So,
you can rest in peace not only during your
lifetime but also when you have left for your
heavenly abode. Mental peace is an important
quotient of investment. It is not wise to measure
investment only in monetary terms. Mental relief
is crucially important and serves as an important
investment component. So, even if the money is
not accruing, you can feel free and relieved.
  • Advantages of a fixed premium
  • If you choose a scheme that involves fixed
    premium payment, you need not undergo a medical
    examination. The latter happens to be the basis
    of the premium calculation.
  • When you are opting for a term insurance
    India scheme that has variable premium rates, it
    is mandatory on your part to undergo a medical
    examination. Other assessments and evaluation may
    also be necessary. The total findings and
    assessments will determine the premium rate.
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