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Pro Tips to Design a Pet Friendly Garden


P&M Gonzalez Landscaping Pro Tips to Design a Pet Friendly Garden – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pro Tips to Design a Pet Friendly Garden

Pro Tips to Design a Pet Friendly Garden
  • If youre a pet owner and planning to revamp your
    garden design, then its important to create a
    backyard that is pet friendly. You may want to
    build a small kennel for your loving pet, and
    utilize the space well to plant some beautiful
    flowers too.
  • You may be in a dilemma to invest in revamping
    your garden, since you worry about your pets
    damaging the greenery, or the pesticides turning
    out to be harmful for your pets. However,
    creating a pet friendly garden can take away your
    worries. Your pet will be overjoyed to have a
    kennel of its own and so will you when you see a
    garden landscaped in a way that will be friendly
    for everyone.

Here are some tips to design a backyard that will
surely delight your dog or cat1) Install Paths
of Stone
  • If you have a pet who likes to play outdoors and
    is just like a resident of your home, its good
    to install paths of stone or bricks as they will
    be more strong and firm. Avoid using gravel or
    mulch paths dogs can easily spoil the look of it
    as they playfully go around the yard.

2) Use Chicken Wires to Keep Pets Away
  • If you have to plant flowers, vegetables, fruits,
    or any low rising plants, it is best to get
    temporary chicken wires or net to keep these out
    of reach of pets. Else theyre likely to chew on
    the sticks and spoil the look of the garden.

3) Use High Rise Fences
  • Install high rise and solid fences to prevent dog
    or other pets from climbing over to the other
    side. This will protect your plants. Also, it is
    important to ensure that there is minimal gap
    between the fences so as to keep the dogs and
    cats from passing from in between. For cats, you
    will need to install a cat run, else you really
    cant keep cats out of your yard.

4) Use Large Plants
  • Whether you want to plant vegetables, annuals or
    perennials, its good to opt for larger plants
    than those that are low rising. Also, go for high
    rising trees so theyre a little out of reach for
    the pets to chew on.

5) Plant Lots of Grass
  • If you want to keep plants and veggies out of
    reach of pets, plant grass at most places. It
    will be safe for the pets and you wont have to
    use many pesticides that you may otherwise have
    to in case of planting flowers and vegetables.
    Also, pets are unlikely to spoil the look of well
    mowed grass.

6) Keep The Soil Moist
  • Make sure not to leave empty spaces between
    plants as pets love to dig in soil. This is
    especially true for cats as they love digging in
    dry soil. Therefore, make sure the soil is wet
    and moist. The best to cover up small spaces
    between plants is to plant herbs like thyme and
    other herbs to fill the space and prevent pets
    from digging into the soil.

  • Designing a pet friendly garden will make sure
    your pets and plants are safe from harm. Also,
    you will enjoy spending time in your backyard
    when you see it clean, friendly and beautiful.
    Make sure to find an experienced garden or
    landscape architect in Princeton, NJ who will
    convert your dull and unwelcoming garden into a
    beautiful and inviting one.

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