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Predictive dialer,Interactive voice response system,Voice Logger,IVRS


Predictive dialer,Interactive voice response system,Voice Logger,IVRS – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Predictive dialer,Interactive voice response system,Voice Logger,IVRS

Presentation by
Mehul Shah (CEO)
Mission Vision
Who we are?
  • Founded in 2007 by a Pioneer team of VoIP
    Experts, the company has created its patent on
    QoS of Video Telephony.
  • We were the first to introduce a comprehensive
    VoIP solution to the Call centre market and have
    successfully got the concept acceptable in the
    market place.
  • Systems ranging from 5 up to hundreds extensions

What we do?
  • Working with many of the leading and innovative
    service providers in its core domain VoIP,
    Elision caters to the telecommunication industry,
    ranging from start-ups to established industry
  • We have experience with in depth knowledge of
    VoIP technologies which includes IPLC/VoIP/ TDM/
    VoIP and host of ACD/IVR/PD/Loggers for the
    consolidation project including implementation,
    customization, optimization for call recording
    and IVR, PBX integration.
  • We are pioneer and leading supplier of VoIP
    solutions, integration, interface
  • with VoIP, software engineering, operational
    gap analysis and
  • solution architecture.

Key Strength
  • Strong Management Team
  • Qualified trained professionals to market,
    install , integrate, support the target
  • 247 NOC to provide Remote maintenance, with
    complete infrastructure at the facility .
  • Voice / Video, Chat , E-mail support available

Vendor Interoperability
Product Portfolio
Call Center Dialer
Call centre Software, Predictive Dialers, Auto
Dialer, VOIP, IVR
We provide Call centre services including
outbound telemarketing, inbound customer care to
software and networking technical support. We
also give email based customer support and also
online training solutions. We also delivered
customized solutions for our clients. Following
are the different services and features which
enhanced the growth of our service.
Key Offerings of DialShree Dialer

  • IP PBX Solution to Corporate Houses from across
    the world, which helps to minimize their monthly
    Telephony expenditure while providing a more
    efficient channel of communication.
  • IP PBX Management System that delivers a full
    portfolio of business communications functions
    over a single, converged network connection.

Take A Look At Functionalities of VoIP PBX System
  • Customizable IVR System
  • Personalized Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transferring
  • Multi Party Conference
  • DID Management
  • Customized Reporting
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Dial by Name
  • Dial by Extension
  • Music on Hold
  • Three-way Calling
  • Call Park

Voice broadcasting
  • If you are doing a customer reminder/notification
    campaign or a political/non-profit broadcast
    campaign you may want to be able to dial a list
    of numbers and play a message for them when the
    customer side of the phone line picks up the
    phone. These kinds of campaigns can be set up a
    few different ways depending upon how you want
    the message to be played on the other end.
  • We use a patented custom software that makes it
    easy to do scientific testing of the
    effectiveness of variations of your messages.

  • Detailed Broadcast Reports
  • As soon as you send out a voice broadcasting
    youll get a detailed report of what happened on
    every call. Call reports are also available to
    download to your computer.
  • Customize Caller-ID
  • With Elision Broadcasting system you can control
    the phone number that appears on the caller ID
    this way all calls look like they are coming
    directly from you or your organization.
  • Manage System Remotely
  • If you need to voice broadcast while away from
    your computer, you can easily access your account
    from anywhere.
  • Survey Polling System
  • Want to send out a phone poll or acquire
    responses from your recipients? With our survey
    system you can ask a question in your recorded
    message, let people respond back, and view their
    responses in your call reports.
  • Push To Connect
  • Send out a call and give people the option of
    pressing a key to connect directly to you! Well
    connect the person with any phone number you
  • Play Message on Call Back
  • Dont want to use your number? We can provide you
    with a unique local number to use as the caller
    ID or as a number that your contacts can call to
    receive a customized message.

Voice broadcasting in with Navkar CRM
IVR System
  • Elision IVR is a technology that automates
    interactions with telephone callers. Enterprises
    are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the
    cost of common sales, service, collections,
    inquiry and support calls to and from their
  • Elision IVR systems have the advantage of making
    callers and customers feel like theyre being
    attended to, even if its just by a machine.
  • Elision IVR system can help to direct customers
    to the right support channel they need.(e.g.
    Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for promos, Press 5 to
    talk to an executive, etc.)

IVR Benefits Features
  • Print and provide only one number for all the
    departments in your advertisements and brochures.
  • Will impress your callers and increases the
    reputation of your brand name.
  • Excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Attending the call at the first ring.
  • Multilingual greetings to the caller.
  • It is very useful when you have to distribute
    same type of information to every caller.
  • IVR works 24 hours a day and it never greets a
    caller with tired voice.
  • Sound Play a sound during call
  • Record To record user voice during the call
  • DTMF To take input from phone keypad
  • Call Transfer To transfer the call to another
  • Web To do a web api call. Used for web lookup
    or posting data on a remote server

  • Todays customers call the shots, deciding how,
    when and why theyll contact you. They may be
    happy to deal with you online but, when they want
    to talk, they expect you to be there.
  • ClicktoCall makes sure you are, providing
    click-through connectivity from your web site
    direct to your contact centre.

Below are the mention feature of this service
  • Choose Your Click-to-Call Interface
  • Use Your Own Phone Numbers
  • Its a Hosted as a Software as a Service ( SAAS).
    So you just need to integrate the API Link.
  • Easy integration with any existing website in
    simple HTML code.
  • Pay for number of used minutes
  • Ability to Route Calls to Different Phone Numbers
  • History and Statistics of all calls
  • No investment on any hardware or software

Click2Call with Navkar CRM
Live Chat
  • LiveIM is a robust live chat solution available
    at an unparalleled price, it includes critical
    functionality for both support and sales focused
  • The most complete live chat solution available
    and priced to deliver immediate ROI. It includes
    functionality required by businesses that are
    serious about a world-class live chat operation.

  • Operators Anywhere
  • Your Live Chat Operators can log in 24/7 from
    any computer that is connected to the Internet
    with a standard web browser.
  • Internal Operator Chat
  • Communicated with other Live Chat Operators
    within your organization via a private chat room,
    accessible only by your personnel.
  • Transfer Chats
  • When your Operators cant answer a question,
    they can easily transfer a Live Chat to another
    Operator, by web or Mobile Chat.
  • Multiple Chats
  • One Operator can chat with up to 20 Visitors at
    a time. The user-friendly interface allows
    tabbing for high productivity.

Voice logger
  • A voice logger is a device or program used to
    record audio information from telephones, radios,
    microphones and other sources for storage on a
    computers hard drive or removable media.
  • Our Voice Logger solution is ideal for any
    business that demands comprehensive functionality
    and customizability. Designed to work seamlessly
    with Predictive Dialer, IVR (Interactive Voice
    Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)
    solution, it is perfect for contact centers or
    enterprises that need an end-to-end solution, or
    just a standalone voice recording solution that
    integrated with their current setup. So, whether
    you wish to start with a simple set-up or extend
    your current capabilities, our solution will
    enable you to do so with the shortest TTI
    (Time-to-implementation), without upgrading or
    replacing your hardware and software, or
    incurring additional infrastructure and IT costs.

Below are the mention feature of Voice Logger
  • Record limitlessly Automatically record all
    conversations and keep a track of inbound and
    outbound interactions between agents and
    customers for quality assurance with our no-bar
  • Search effortlessly Search through voice records
    without going through endless menus and buttons
    and save up on your valuable time.
  • Back-up data Just mount a simple back-up drive
    and save all the records, or select records to be
    backed up regularly.
  • Dont Fret over security Only provide access to
    supervisors, managers, administrators or other
    qualified users. Any sensitive information in the
    wrong hands could wreck havoc on your companys

Video on Demand
  • Elision offer Professional Online Video Services
    start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and
    development services to bring your vision to
    reality in the shortest time possible.
  • This can be 100 protected. We can protect the
    streaming server using download protect security
    algorithm and also we need to ask the data center
    (where we hosted the server) to implement
    outbound firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

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