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Create a Social Media Simply


Steps to create social media platform easily. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Create a Social Media Simply

Create a Social Network Simply
  • Presented by PixelCrayons Limited

Develop a Robust Site
  • Step 1 Decide whether you want to build your
    niche social network from scratch or use a social
    network platform.
  • Step 2 To start from scratch, simply register a
    domain, start a web hosting account, and build a
    social network website from the ground up or
    hire software developers to help you build it.
  • If you look forward to develop it from scratch,
    it means it will take a long time before the site
    is up and running.

If you wish to see the results more quickly then
you need to use an already developed system.
A. Pick a Platform
  • There are several platforms before you to choose
  • a. Social Engine (http//
  • Social Engine is a fairly good choice for anyone,
    whether the website management team has little or
    gross experience.
  • It gives a social network on an elegantly
    designed site at a low cost with multifarious
    built-in features.

Used by EA Games, Apple, NASA, and MasterCard
A. Pick a Platform Contd...
  • b. PhpFox (http//
  • PhpFox gives you the ability to create a unique
    community that includes a single sign-on feature,
    which provides the ability for your visitors to
    use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Open ID and
    other types of usernames to log in to your site.
  • It is compact, orderly designed with modern
    features like Photo Tagging, likes, Brand
    pages, groups, blogs, a forum, videos, music, a
    marketplace, quizzes, social sharing, ad
    Campaigns, Subscription, etc.

This community offers a number of modules and
plug-ins which are already available and if you
need something special created, they can build it
for you.
A. Pick a Platform Contd...
  • c. BoonEx Dolphin (http//
  • Built on the PHP platform, BoonEx Dolphin is a
    fully scalable and customizable social
  • You just download, install, and run it for your
    online community, which you control from top to
    bottom. It also allows webmasters to build sites
    similar to Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr and

The application provides such tools as chats,
multimedia functionality, forums, groups, e-mail
addresses, events, and much more.
A. Pick a Platform Contd...
  • d. Ning (http//
  • Ning helps setting up good-looking,
    sophisticated social networks with no coding
    involved. However, Ning is a self-hosted
    platform but, using Ning is a very simple
  • You can designate who can sign up and what your
    users can do on your network Hosting their own
    blogs, Creating forums, Uploading photos and
    Videos, or taking advantage of numerous other
    built-in features.

With Ning Simply choose a design and open your
network to users.
B. Manage and Customize
  • Pick all the plugins that fulfill your
  • try finding pluggins that help you to meet your
    needs better If you look forward to increase
    your social presence you can you use Facebook,
    Twitter, etc as your pluggins.
  • If you are not inclined to do it yourself you can
    also delegate it to the freelancers who have the
    needed expertise to accomplish this job.

Its better to manage and customize your site
understanding the level of engagement that you
seek from your audience.
C. Hire a Developer
  • Once you are through with the pluggin part, you
    need the help of a developer who could build the
    ideal site and to help debug real-time
    performance problems.
  • You can look for prospective developers in
    recommended lists by platform, or you can
    research the developers of plugins you have used
    and appreciated in the past.
  • Examine their strengths by scrutinizing their
    portfolios, the testimonials given by their
    previous clients, or the plugins they have
    created will give you an idea of the kind of work
    they can offer you.

Try to find the best match between the budgetary
aspect of your project and the required technical
skills for the inherent tasks.
C. Manage the Project
  • Regularly communicate with the outsourced team to
    make sure you and they are on the same page.
  • Stay involved with the outsourced team and give
    them your feedback at every step of the process
    to ensure the efficiency and direction of the
  • Get started with developing your own social
    network project and prepare a meticulous project
    report using these guidelines to conclude your
    project successfully.

Analyse, collate the desired information, hire
the right resource and manage the project well.
You have the recipe for making your own social
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