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10 Health Risks Associated With Being Underweight and Natural Ways to Avoid Them


Dear friend, in this presentation we are going to discuss about the major causes of being underweight, 10 health risks associated with it and natural ways to avoid them so that you do not face any life threatening consequences. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Health Risks Associated With Being Underweight and Natural Ways to Avoid Them

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What is Meant by Being Underweight?
Underweight is a condition in which a humans
body weight is considered too low to be healthy.
What Are the Causes of Underweight?
Some of the most common causes for this condition
are genetics, metabolism, some chronic illness,
hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, cancer, anorexia
nervosa, or poverty in which an individual cannot
afford food.
10 Health Risks Associated With Being Underweight
Now we are going to reveal the 10 health risks
associated with being underweight and natural
ways to avoid them. These simple tips will
greatly help you in getting alert so that you can
better solve the issue before its too late.
Poor Physical Stamina
If the body isnt getting the appropriate
nutritional requirements, it is pretty obvious
that it loses everything one by one. The person
then feels lacking in stamina and energy.
Weak Immunity
Underweighted persons are most likely getting
trapped into a number of sicknesses caused due to
the sluggish bodys defence mechanism or
immunity. Poor dietary habits cause this.
Osteoporosis is a condition in which the body
starts taking calcium from its reserves such as
bones because of the absence of calcium
consumption in appropriate amount.
Anemia covers the iron deficiency commonly among
malnourished individuals. Lack of iron
contributes in lack of hemoglobin and sluggish
flow of blood which results in malnourished body
organs as well.
Nutritional deficiencies lead to infertility as
the natural process of blood circulation and cell
regeneration slows down a lot which hinder the
fertile being.
Cold Body Temperature
The layer of fat in the body regulates the body
temperature. Skinny or anorexic body feels cold
even if the external environment is warm.
Heart Disease and Diabetes
Most skinny people think they can eat whatever
they want so they feed on junk. This habit leads
to accumulation of fats in their other bodily
organs such as heart causing various diseases and
Heart Disease and Diabetes
Diabetes too is associated with inappropriate
insulin release which has no relation being just
with obese people only.
Menstruation Problem
Menstruation problem among skinny women is common
where they usually skip their periods at times.
Our physical appearance has a close relation with
our psychological scenario. Depression may lead
to loss of appetite, and being underweight too
can cause depression due to so much consciousness
about the looks.
If a person is too malnourished, he or she
gradually develops various body disorders and
ultimately death. Usually anorexic people go
through this in which they get scared of putting
on weight and so skip the meals frequently.
Natural Ways to Avoid Being Underweight
Eat meals of nutritive value Eat more
frequently in small amounts Have smoothies and
milk shakes Keep away from sugary
treats Exercise
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