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Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners


I share my 10 blogging tips for beginners. Honest advice all new bloggers should read. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

10 Must Know Blogging TipsFor All Beginners

John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
10 Blogging Tips for Beginners
I have been a blogger now for over 6 years and I
have built 2 succesfull blogs in that time so I
believe the blogging tips for beginners I share
will help all wanna-be bloggers get started on
the right foot and mindset. Blogging on paper
seems so easy, I just write, and my blog will be
popular. insert braking noise here haha truth
is, blogging is the complete opposite of that. In
2015 you need to be a jack-of-all-trades to
succeed, writing great content alone isnt good
enough anymore. Remember thisyou need to run
your blog like a business Meaning it takes a
lot more than putting pretty products on shelves
to succeed in a business, and it takes more than
putting up great content to build a successful
blog. Here are my 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners.

John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
1 \ Dont Let SM Use You
I am going to make this 1 because I think its
that important. As a new blogger you need to use
Social Media to help expand your brand and your
blogs reach. But what you shouldnt do is use SM
so much that you are taking time away from your
blog. Your goal in the beginning should be on
growing your blog thats it! You want to get on
SM, use it to help you reach your main goal and
get out.

John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
2 \ Be Helpful and Available
In the beginning, you will have to GIVE much more
then you receive. Being helpful and available is
a great way to show you know what your talking
about and its also a great way to attract
readers and subscribers. No one can say no to
help, especially FREE help Someone emails you,
reply right away.Someone comments on your blog,
reply and be thorough with your reply.Someone
asks a favor, do it within reason and do it to
the best you can. As a new blogger just think, I
need to give give give to finally GET!
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
3 \ What Are You Here To Fix?
You need to find something you have smarts in and
build your blog around helping people fix that
problem. Once you have your why make sure your
content is PERFECTLY targeted to that why
ALWAYS! Do you know one of the biggest reasons
people stop following blog they have loved for
years? The content has changed, the content has
gone off topic.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
4 \ Be You Bring YOU
There are soooooo many blogs out here that it is
very hard to get seen. I can sit here and tell
you 50 techniques and strategies to help you be
one of the lucky blogs that get some attention on
a regular basis. Im not going to, all the
strategy in the world wont help you unless You
bring something new to the game.You bring
something unique to the game.You bring YOU to
the game. Listen there are so many different
ways to build a successful blog, the advice is
the same, they work. Heres what I mean
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
4 \ Be You Bring YOU
How many posts a week should I write? Who cares!
I see blogs kill it with one posts a week, and I
see blogs that kill it with 5 posts a week. How
long should my blog posts be? Again who cares! I
see blogs that kill it with monster 2000 word
posts and I see blogs kill it with 500 words. I
think you get the idea. The point Im
slowwwlllyyyy trying to make is, you have to be
YOU, be unique, write in a way NO ONE else does
or can. Share your personality so people see the
real you, this makes it much easier for your
readers to either relate to you or trust
you. Writing content from a unique and personal
place is the BEST way for you to stand out and
get your new blog seen, followed and shared.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
5 \ Build Your List From Day I
I know its hard to believe, but I made mistakes
when I first started my blog. My biggest
mistake? --- Not growing my email list from DAY
1. I didnt start building my list until I was
almost 11 months into my journey. That one
mistake has haunted me for years, because no list
equals no money or MUCH less money in my
pocket. So get an offer together, get some forms
up and start grabbing emails now.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
6 \ Have A Professionally About Me Page
Your about me page is POWERFUL. Well if you lay
it out correctly it is. My about me page on is still one of my most
popular and visited page. On Brainy, our About
Us page  we went with sharing our explainer
video, explained idea of the blog and shared our
awesome list of Expert authors. Think of your
about me page as a personal job
application. Share some personal who are
you.Share something about your blog Why is it
here and How can it help.Share your skills and
experiences.Share some of your
accomplishments. End it with an email opt-in
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
7/ Have A Posting Schedule, BUT
As a blogger you will want to have a Posting
schedule, it helps your readers know when to
expect a new piece content from you. A posting
schedule is all good for many reasons..
Right? Right, BUT Dont let that posting
schedule tie your hands so much that you NEVER
post 1 or 2 days later because something came
up. Basically, I dont want you beating yourself
up if you miss posting on a certain day. Life
happens, just post it the next day and get back
on schedule.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
8 / Use A Post Idea List
I have used a Post Idea List since my first month
of blogging and I still use it. A post idea list
helps you keep track of post ideas you come up
with. As you blog, there will be days where post
ideas come to you 5 at a time and there will also
be days where you cant pay for a post
idea. What do I add to my Post Idea List? It
will be an idea for a post with some bullet
points I can expand on later. I few different
title ideas. A keyword or keywords I may want to
rank for. It really doesnt matter what you add
to your list, as long as you can come back to it
weeks or even months later and be able to pull
together a blog post from your notes and ideas.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
9 / Learn To Walk Away
Im a big believer in knowing when to take some
time off. Let me share some TRUTH Blogging is
HARD Work! On the surface blogging is simple,
you write blog posts and people come to read
those blog posts. This isnt Field of Dreams,
and if you build it, they will NOT come.  From
coming up with quality blog posts on a regular
basis, to promoting those new posts, to getting
on Social Media, to connecting and building
relationships, to the tweaks and fixes your
website needs and etc Trust me its WORK so
knowing when to pull back and take some time off
will be a huge help in keeping you motivated and
working toward your goals.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
10 / Be Consistent and Realistic
Most bloggers quit way to soon, they expect magic
in a couple months and when it doesnt happen,
they quit. BIG mistake! It will take 12, 24
months of hard work for you to say my blog is
successful Own that, breathe it in and
understand it. Its not that you suck as a
blogger, its just the reality of building a
successful blog in 2015. Knowing this truth
should be liberating! Now you can STOP focusing
on why not me, why not yet and just focus on
the WORK! As a blogger you need to enjoy and
bounce forward off any and all small wins, the
more small you get, the faster you will have a
successful blog.
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
The Wrap Up
Now that is a mouth full of blogging tips for
beginner bloggers ) The point Im tried to
share here is blogging takes real work, so before
you jump in, make sure you know the reality. You
need a plan in place to follow as you grow your
blog, BUT dont stress if you waver off the plan,
just keep moving and good things will
happen. you can read the full post at
John Paul Aguiar _at_BrainyMarketer
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