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Mountains by Sadia


This is all about mountains. You can learn from here. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mountains by Sadia

Why is it called mt. Everest?
Mt. everest was Named after a Man called sir
george everest The surveyor general of
India Who was the first To produce detailed Maps
of the India Subcontinent including The Himalayas
  • Why is it called mt everest

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mountains are formed by movements of the huge
tectonic plates that make up Earths crust. Fold
mountains are formed when plates collide. Block
mountains occur when a slab of land is forced
upward. Volcanic mountains are built up from
layers of cooled and hardened lava and ash
How is a mountainformed?
  • Why is it called mt everest

Some relatively young mountains are still rising,
as colliding plates continue to force the land at
their edges upward. At the same time, mountains
are constantly eroded by ice, rain, and the wind.
Are mountain-s still growing?
  • Why is it called mt everest

Mountaintops are cold because the thin air high
up does not hold the Suns heat well, and the
temperature falls 1.8F (1C) for every 500 ft
(150 m) of height. It is therefore cold enough to
snow over high peaks (even on the equator), and
since the temperature rarely rises above
freezing, the snow never melts.
Why are mountain-s
  • Why is it called mt everest

Mountains at sea
Some of the worlds tallest mountains lie mostly
underwater, with only their summits breaking the
surface. Mauna Kea in Hawaii rises 33,480 ft
(10,205 m) from the ocean bed, which makes it
taller than Mount Everest.
  • Why is it called mt everest

Most mountains are found in groups called ranges,
such as the Jura Mountains in Europe and the
Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Often, a
series of ranges is connected in a larger chain
of mountains called a cordillera.
  • Why is it called mt everest

The longest mountain chain on land is the Andes,
which runs for 4,470 miles (7,200 km) down the
western edge of South America. An undersea
mountain chain called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is
even longer. It stretches 7,000 miles (11,300 km)
down the center of the Atlantic Ocean.
Where is the worlds longest mountain chain?
  • Why is it called mt everest

Thank you
  • Why is it called mt everest
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