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Tips For Preventing Hair Loss (1)


Hair fall has become quite common among several people that is found to be due to several problems.Before starting efforts to treat hair fall it is necessary to find the actual reason for this hair fall happening.Once the reason has been found there are some treatments available that is sure to work against hair loss. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For Preventing Hair Loss (1)

Tips for preventing hair loss.
Hair loss is something which every person in
the world has to face. Women are more concerned
about their hair falling. Women do so many things
to prevent hair fall. Here are some tips to
prevent hair fall.
1. Avoid tight ponytails and knits.
Weigh down your hair. Tight braids or pony tails
will cause scarring of the scalp.
2. Increase iron intake.
Iron deficiency can cause anemia and hair loss.
Pump up your iron intake. Eat more leafy greens
and lean red meat.
3. Massage your scalp.
Massaging the scalp boosts up blood flow to the
scalp and thereby decrease the risk of hair loss.
Rub in a circular motion for several minutes
4. Control your stress.
Stress is one of the most vital things that leads
to hair loss. Control your stress through yoga,
meditation or exercise.
5. Use hair dryers at lowest heat.
While using hair dryers or any other styling
devices, put it in the lowest heat settings.
Also, air dry your hair often as possible.
6. Quit drinking and smoking.
Both drinking and smoking has negative effects on
human body and this includes hair too. Smoking
causes hair loss around the temples and heavy
drinking causes hair loss on the sides of the
7. Consume a lot of protein foods.
Try to take foods with high protein content. Try
food like chicken, salmon or lean red meat. Lean
protein, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc support
healthy hair.
8. Take protection against UV exposure.
When going out always wear a hat or carry an
umbrella with you. UV rays can be a good cause
for hair loss.
9. Use only quality hair products.
Use products which have low chemical contents.
Try products like a dandruff shampoo with
antifungal ingredients. Choose the hair care
products wisely.
10. Get medical assistance.
Get medical assistance if the hair fall is
immense. Doctors can diagnose and treat
underlying medical conditions. Surgical hair
transplantation can restore lost hair.
Always use quality products for your hair.
Whatever the product, choose a quality one and
use it. Vapolli is an establishment which deals
on beauty products. They guarantee that their
beauty products won't cause any harm to the
people using it.
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