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Title: Interview Checklist

Interview Checklist
  • Please make sure to read the checklist and answer
    all quiz questions before your interview.
  • Start

Costs to NYQUEST
  • Application Fee 100 CAD. Already paid.
  • Program Fee 200 CAD for returning
    participants, 450 if you applied before
    December 1st, 500 if you applied on or after
    December 1st, but before February 1st, 550 if
    you applied on or after February 1st, 2015.
  • QuestionIf I apply on December 30th,2014 my
    total NYQUEST fee (application program fee)
    will bea) 500 CADb) 600 CADc) 550 CAD

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Costs to Other Parties
  • Police Check Cost depends on your home country.
  • Medical Examination Cost depends on your
    physician and your medical insurance coverage.
  • Canadian Temporary Work Permit Visa/Working
    Holiday Permit Depending on the type of work
    permit that is available and best-suited to your
    circumstances, a fee of 155 CAD may be charged.
    This is a third-party fee charged by Citizenship
    and Immigration Canada, not NYQUEST. We will
    advise you of this if it applies to your
  • Flights You are responsible for your own travel
    costs to and from Canada as well as your travel
    from your camp location at the end of your
  • QuestionThe cost of the flights are included in
    the program feea) True.b) False.

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Placement at Camp
  • Placement can occur at any time from acceptance
    until July 1st, 2015.
  • The position you will hold at camp is determined
    by the Camp Director. You may be placed in an
    all-round/general position or a more specialist
    position, or a combination of both.
  • You will have an opportunity to review the camp
    placement and you must notify NYQUEST within one
    week after your camp placement is organized if
    the placement does NOT meet your needs, otherwise
    it will be assumed that you have accepted full
    responsibility for the decision to accept the
  • You will likely be working, living and sleeping
    in rustic living conditions in a cabin or tent
    with children (campers). You should be aware that
    you will give up a great deal of privacy and
    comfort, you will work long and demanding hours
    and you must adhere to camp policies. For
    example, curfews, sleeping/living conditions,
    type of food provided, time on/off, no smoking,
    no alcohol, inappropriate behavior and so on.
  • Question
  • If NYQUEST sends me a potential placement email I
    will have to
  • A) Contact the camp director immediately.
  • B) Review the placement and confirm with NYQUEST
    that I like the placement.
  • C) Let NYQUEST know within one month if the
    placement does not need my needs.

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Canadian Work Permit and Passport
  • You must apply for a passport immediately once
    accepted if you dont already have one.
  • You will be entering Canada on a Temporary Work
    Permit or a Charitable Worker Work Permit (which
    allows you to work solely at camp for a set
    period only) or a Working Holiday Permit (which
    has open employment and valid for 12-24 months
    depending on your citizenship). NYQUEST will
    inform you of your work permit eligibility, based
    on your placement and your citizenship(s).
  • QuestionIf NYQUEST organizes a Temporary Work
    Permit for me I am allowed to worka) at one
    specific camp for the time of my contract. b)
    at one specific camp for as long as I like.c)
    at any camp in Canada.

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Health Insurance
  • NYQUEST will organize and purchase 10 weeks worth
    of health insurance for each participant provided
    you make full medical disclosure to the insurer
    and you qualify. Please note that this does NOT
    include travel insurance, such as trip
    cancellation insurance or baggage insurance. If
    you are a CCUSA Australia or Antipodeans
    participant you will receive your insurance from
    CCUSA/Antipodeans and this section does not apply
    to you.
  • Your insurance coverage will start the day you
    arrive in Canada and it will cover trips to the
    USA that last less than 30 days. If your work
    placement organized by NYQUEST lasts longer than
    10 weeks then it is your responsibility to pay
    for and organize medical insurance to cover you
    for the remaining period of your work placement.
  • QuestionWhat does the NYQUEST insurance
    cover?a) Medical insurance only for the time I
    am working at camp.b) Medical insurance, trip
    cancellation, and lost luggage.c) Medical
    insurance for 10 weeks, which can include

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Pocket Money
  • For the summer (8-10 week contract) you will earn
    between 1,400 CAN and 1,800 CAN in salary.
    Your salary will be increased if you work at camp
    for longer than 10 weeks.
  • You will receive accommodation and 3 meals a day.
  • Pocket money may be paid bi-weekly, at the end of
    each month or at the end of your placement.
  • Under Canadian law, camps are required to deduct
    an average of 5 of your earnings as CPP and
    Unemployment Insurance.  You cannot claim this
    money back at the end of the year. 
  • QuestionThe salary I earn at campa) will go
    towards accommodation and food at camp.b) is in
    addition to free food and accommodation at
    camp.c) always gets paid out at the end of the

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Program Information
  • Medical Examinations You will be required to
    have a medical examination completed by your
  • Police Check All counsellors and support staff
    need to get a criminal background check. If you
    have a record your application can be jeopardized
    and further investigation needs to be done.
  • Agency Fee The camp you are hired at will pay an
    agency fee for the support provided by NYQUEST in
    regards to your placement. If you do not complete
    your contract at camp, you will be responsible
    for a pro-rated portion of this fee, which could
    be as high as 400 CAD.
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs Alcohol and/or drugs are
    not permitted at camp. Further, Canadian
    provinces have different legal drinking ages. If
    you are under 19, you might not by law be
    permitted to drink or purchase alcohol.
  • Homesickness You will need to consider that you
    will be at camp for at least 8 weeks and
    therefore have limited access to email and phone
    to connect with family and friends back home.
  • Spring/Fall Work Some camps offer additional
    work in the spring (April-June) and the fall
    (September-November). If you would like to earn
    extra money and start your placement early or
    work at camp after the summer then please notify
    us of your preferences.
  • QuestionIf I leave camp before the end of my
    contracta) I will have to pay a fee (up to 400
    CAD) to NYQUEST to remunerate for the agency
    feeb) I wont have to pay any fees.c) I will
    still earn my full salary.

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Well done! We look forward to giving you The
Best Summer of your Life! Please proceed to
schedule your interview now.
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